Monday, February 04, 2013

The Wedding

Finally, here are some pictures from the wedding! These are all snapshots taken by friends and family during the event. I don't have any of my own, because I didn't want to miss one second of anything. I literally soaked up every minute of this wedding.

The day of the wedding was warm and rainy. Juliana had prayed for a warm day, but she'd forgotten to pray for sunshine to go along with the warmth! ;) I think the high was 72 that day, which is unusual for January even in Georgia!
All the bridesmaids with Juliana
Sam and his best man, Jerrod. This was Canadian Jerrod's first trip to the Deep South!

Beth with Juliana's older sister and maid of honor, Jannah
All the groomsmen. Andrew is on the far right.
Both sets of parents adding our individual candles for the unity candle

Watching the slide show. Sam and Juliana recorded their testimonies, which played while they showed the slides. Juliana was watching from the back, and Sam had strict instructions not to turn around!

His first glimpse of his bride! See the little design between their names on the screen? Juliana designed that: a combination of their initials. She also had the design made into their cake topper.

The bride and her father

Reading a poem she wrote to her father, assuring him she had kept her promise to him of keeping her purity and returning the purity ring he had given her 10 years ago. A sweet moment for both families!
Sam & Juliana had the best time up there! LOL During songs, they were talking and even laughing together, like they were in their own world. We haven't gotten to see them together very often, and we were so pleased to see their excitement for their wedding and how comfortable they were together.
Praying together. Each of their 4 grandfathers is saved and serving the Lord, and both of their fathers are. So all 6 men knelt around them for the prayer, which was led by Dr. Don Sisk. After the public prayer, Sam & Juliana took a minute to pray together.
Signing the marriage license. This is a Canadian custom - or at least we had never seen this particular way of doing it till we moved to Canada - of signing the license as part of the ceremony. Juliana and her mother decided on this particular part without knowing that was the custom in Canada.
The Kiss, from the groomsmen's perspective! This was Sam & Juliana's first kiss, and Juliana asked the wedding party members to do something special - she didn't care what. So the bridesmaids blew noisemakers while the groomsmen whipped out their phones and took a picture of the momentous event. This was Andrew's picture. His caption on Facebook read "Oh yes he did!" ;)
Finally! Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Hutchens
It's done!
The reception area. This was a school cafeteria, but you'd never have known it. The decorator did an excellent job!
The cake table
Here they come!
 I loved every second of this wedding! Every part of it was beautiful, filled with symbolism and personal tidbits. I thought I would cry through the whole thing, but I couldn't stop smiling long enough to cry! My quiet, mostly-unemotional husband, on the other hand, did shed a few tears as Juliana came down the aisle. I was so touched by that!

Sam and Juliana honeymooned in Colorado, after spending their first night of marriage in Atlanta. They very generously asked us to come see them off at the airport on Saturday afternoon, which thrilled us! We joined the Harris family and we all enjoyed about an hour of fellowship with them before they took off on their own. They're now back in Lancaster setting up their new home and establishing their life together. Sam is teaching at the college and Juliana will begin teaching in the elementary school sometime this month. We (and the Harrises) are so thrilled to see them begin their life together serving the Lord, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for them!

 Although I can't share the actual pictures from the professional photographer, he did post one on Facebook himself, so I feel it's fine to share the link. This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole evening! If he posts an album on Facebook, I'll share the link with you.


  1. Such a beautiful wedding Thank you for sharing. It was a blessing! Love hearing about young people that marry in God's will and are serving the Lord together. You are a very blessed lady:)

    1. We are very blessed in our children. To God be the glory! :)

  2. I LOVED seeing these pictures, thank you...It looks like a beautiful ceremony and I wish them all the best. :)

    1. Thank you, Mrs. B!!!

  3. This looks and sounds like a beautiful ceremony. So many special moments. I love the design Juliana made of their initials.

    I was the same way at my son's wedding about pictures -- I wanted to be totally in the moment and let someone else take the pictures. I think I got teary a time or two, but mostly it was quite joyful!

    1. I'm glad someone else felt the same way I did about taking pictures. I've felt a little guilty a few times when someone asks if I took pictures myself, but I just didn't want to look back and know that I missed some little something special because I was looking through a camera lens. And there were so many little moments that I noticed things that I wouldn't have seen if I'd been busy with a camera!

  4. Sure gives you reason to smile from ear to ear to see your children walking in the truth and serving the Lord together. Congratulations! Thanks for the photos!

    1. Yes, it does! All glory is due to the Lord, but it is so joyful to see our children walking with the Lord!

  5. Aww!! I loved all the pics! :) Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I heard you know Joel and Robin Brown? He was my youth director when I was a teenager and I did a lot of babysitting for them - back when their son Andrew was a young boy! (I'm getting old - he is married with a son now!) :)


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