Friday, February 01, 2013

The Wedding Week

Well, it's about time I posted some wedding pictures. But first, I have a few pics from the week of the wedding that I liked. These were all taken by Juliana's sister, Jannah. We took our camera, but I just couldn't bring myself to miss any of the action to take pictures. Jannah has always been a good chronicler with pictures, and when I saw she had taken some during the week, I asked her permission to use them on my blog. Thanks, Jannah!

We arrived in the Atlanta area on January 8th. My father-in-law and Samuel met us at the airport, and we all waited for Andrew to arrive from Los Angeles. For a few minutes, at the baggage claim for Southwest, we were all together! Then Beth left with Sam to go to the church, where Juliana and her family were waiting for Sam & Juliana to record the song they were singing at the wedding. Andrew came with Wes & me, and my father-in-law took us out to eat at Cracker Barrel, one of our favorite restaurants. My mother-in-law has been sick lately, so she didn't come along, but waited for us at their home, where we went to see her. Then we found our home for the week, the mission house of Pine Grove Baptist Church in Stockbridge, GA. It was a full size mobile home, so all 3 of the kids stayed with us, which pleased this mama. We stayed up late talking that first night, even though we were all about to fall over from fatigue. It was great!

Wednesday was spent running errands & shopping, and we all went to church with the Harris family at People's Baptist in McDonough, GA, where the wedding was taking place. Most of the wedding party had arrived by then, and it was nice to see some of the young people I remember from visiting the kids at WCBC.

The two families and much of the wedding party in church together
 Thursday was day-before-the-wedding day, and most of it was spent helping prepare the church for the wedding and reception. I went with the bridesmaids, Juliana, and Mrs. Harris for pedicures (I don't get them, though; my feet are way too messed up for that!).

Waiting with Beth for her manicure
I just hung around. That's Juliana's mom to Beth's left.

The Harris ladies: Jannah, Juliana, Jessica, and Jenny (mom)

We came back to the church to find the wedding decorators beginning to hang the swags across the Christian-school cafeteria for the reception. Wes was up on a ladder doing the actual hanging. All we ladies took a few minutes to see what needed to be done, then we joined in too. The bride was just as busy as everyone else - what a girl!

Hanging the first swag. Sam is holding the ladder.
He did this a lot! What a guy!

What to do? What to do? Jessica, Beth, me, and Juliana
The girls got a kick out of the groomsmen doing the window treatments! ;)

Soon it was time for the wedding rehearsal! Everything went well with that, and we pretty much understood what we were supposed to do and when.

How about those shoes?! Juliana wanted to practice walking in them. I understand.

Afterward, the wedding caterers served the rehearsal dinner. We had been planning to go to a restaurant, but the week before, the caterer offered to do the rehearsal dinner for a great price, so we went with that. It was so nice to just go to a quiet, private room where everything was all ready for us! The meal was delicious, and the caterers took care of everything. We are so grateful for their help!

So now we're ready for the wedding! The groomsmen all stayed together Thursday night, as did the bridesmaids. That means Wes and I were alone again! We're used to it, though, so it wasn't so bad! ;)

Coming Monday: The Wedding!


  1. Sounds whirlwind busy, but a lot of fun! I'm glad you all got to stay together at least one night!

    1. We actually had 2 nights together, Tuesday and Wednesday; then we had Andrew & Beth again on Friday night before they had to fly back to California. It was nice!

  2. I am really enjoying reading your journey through your sons wedding :) Takes me back to mine. I was thinking about how fast time goes -I think I first bookmarked your blog back in 2007 when I was on maternity leave-I live in North van so I thought it was neat to read a fellow north vanner's blog. I think all your kids were still at home then. How time flies and things change. Actually my inlaws all live in westbank too so I enjoy hearing about Kelowna too. thanks for all your sharing and thoughtful reflection. I apologize for not commenting more but I do love your posts-
    take care-

    1. Jen, did we ever get to meet when we lived in North Van? I don't recall knowing more than one other person who lived there who read my blog! I wish I'd realized then, and we could have met at Timmie's or somewhere for a cuppa. If you ever get to visit Kelowna, let me know you're coming! Or come visit us at church if you can. I'm so glad you've been reading for so long - thank you! :)

  3. I can't wait to hear and see the rest. I LOVE her shoes!!!!!


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