Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Free E-Book

If you have a Kindle reader or the free Kindle app on any computer or other devices, you can get the excellent book Understanding the Times, by Pastor Paul Chappell, free in its e-book form for 3 days only. I recommend it highly for understanding the times we live in and their relation to Bible prophecy! Please note that you must follow the text link (the title of the book in red above) to get to the free e-book offer. The link connected to the image above will take you to the book on my affiliate link Home at, which is not free.

Disclaimer: I receive no compensation of any kind from Striving Together Publications. I simply recommend their products because I like them and trust this ministry. However, if you click on the picture of the book or on my Amazon Associates Home link and purchase either the Kindle edition or the hardcover edition of this book, I will receive a small commission from, which will not cost you anything. Just so we're clear as mud on all that! I have to say it to satisfy the law.

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  1. Got it, Susan. Thanks for the heads up. :)


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