Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Sweet Gift!

Last Friday night we had our annual Adult Christmas Party for our church. It's always lots of fun and lots of food. We played those groaner games where you guess the Christmas songs based on hints - my husband has great fun finding the hardest ones he can find and tormenting people by making them play.

At the end of this year's party, our church family gave us such a beautiful, unexpected gift: a Keurig single-serve coffee-brewing system. One of our ladies has one, and I had coffee at her house one day this summer and fell in love with the coffee maker. Of course, it's very expensive for just a coffee maker, so Wes and I just looked at them, did the math, and passed on it, not willing to spend that much for something that is a luxury item and totally unnecessary!

Opening our gifts. They made me do all the work! ;)

Imagine our surprise when this huge box was presented to us Friday night, with several smaller boxes accompanying it! Not only had our people given us the maker, but they had bought an organizer for the K-cups and a couple of mugs too! The coffee mugs are so cute. They're from A Charlie Brown Christmas, and they chose them because my husband has referred to that show as "proof" that even the world knows what Christmas is all about (tongue-in-cheek, of course!). So the mugs have Linus and Snoopy on them, with a Bible verse, and Snoopy asleep on the bottom of the inside - which is the cutest part to me!

The cutest part!

How grateful we are to our church family for being so thoughtful and generous! We love the Keurig, but we love what it represents even more: a very generous gift from the group of people we minister to!

Everything out of the boxes, before we set it up


  1. My first visit to your delightful blog. What a wonderful Christmas gift from your congregation!

    1. Welcome, MrsR!! I took a peek at your blog after I read your comment. Congratulations on your home winning a city award, but I'm sorry you're sick and not able to attend the award ceremony! Get well soon!

  2. What a thoughtful gift!

    I have a friend who has one, and it is always so fun to choose my coffee when I'm over at her house. I've thought how nice it would be to have one of my own.

    Have you seen the reusable K-cup filters? That might come in handy for refills because I've heard the K-cups are a little on the pricey side.

    1. Yes, ours also came with one of the reusable filters! We haven't used it yet, because we've been trying out all the coffees that came with it. We did buy a variety box ourselves on Saturday that had 44 K-cups in it for $20.00 - a little less than 50 cents a cup, which is more expensive than buying your own coffee, but not as pricey as some I've seen at almost $1.00/cup. So far, my favorite has been a breakfast blend, just plain old coffee! LOL

  3. Great gift! We have one and love it!! It makes the perfect cup of coffee. =)

  4. Sweet gifts indeed! My middle son ad d-i-l have one and love it. We don't drink enough coffee for it to be worth it to have one, but we know some folks who don't drink coffee at all but have one for guests -- makes it simple since each person to choose what they want and not have to mess with the pot and grounds, etc.

    My husband did get my son a K-cup that you can put your own "brew" into, if you like a brand that doesn't come in K-cups.

    Those mugs are cute. I need to see if I can find them -- someone I know has mugs on their Christmas list!

  5. What a blessing! I see many cozy mornings in your future. ;)


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