Tuesday, October 09, 2012

We're Here!

We have arrived at our cottage on Orcas, and is it ever beautiful here! Our cottage is a bit older, but it has been updated, so it has a rustic feel but is very comfortable. I love it. The view from the living room & bedroom is of Deer Harbor, and we have a spacious deck from which to enjoy it. And the quiet! Our home is on a busy road in Kelowna, so the peace & quiet here is so relaxing!

I don't have any pictures to share yet . . . Because we don't have the technology with us at the moment. But I'll be back tomorrow hopefully with a way to share with you. Then next week I can share more, after we get home & download them from my camera.

My hubby has big plans for the day so I'll go now! ;) See ya later!

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  1. Sounds lovely! Have a great time!


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