Monday, October 01, 2012

This Week's Goals

A pot of mums gifted to me, beautifying our balcony!

I have to admit, putting my goals out there last week was a scary thing. Then as I went through the week, it got scarier . . . because I wasn't meeting some of those goals I had set! Now, as I mark off my results, I'm seeing that I got more accomplished than I realized, and just by virtue of setting goals, I did better in some areas than I have been recently, even if I didn't completely reach my goal.

Here are last week's goals and how I did:

1. Follow my daily homemaking plan (a la FlyLady) Done!
2. Follow my planned evening routine each night (also via FlyLady) Done!
3. Skype with my parents No - we weren't able to set up a time this week
4. Exercise 4 times, at least 30 minutes each Done - exercised 5 times!
5. Drink 48 oz. water daily Fail! I did drink more water than I have been, so it did do me some good!
6. Go to bed at 10 pm each night 5 out of 7, so much better than dragging off to bed at 11:00 or later
7. Read 3 chapters in Stewarding Life No   
8. Prepare lesson for next Wednesday's bus class Got some done, but not completed - trying to work ahead on my lessons
9. Write 3 blog posts Done!
10. Add 5 new items to my Etsy shop No (and I can't get this link to break - sorry!)

This week's goals:

1. Exercise 5 times
2. Drink 24 oz. water daily (I know this is half of last week's, but I might actually reach this one)
3. Finish step 1 of a major craft project (that I will show you when it's finished!)
4. Write and publish 5 blog entries
5. Make and list 3 new items for HandmadeByGrace
6. Write every day (another project I'm working on)
7. Follow evening routine: to bed at 10 pm
8. Read 2 chapters in Stewarding Life: One Lifetime, Limited Resources, Eternal Priorities
9. Decorate church classroom for fall
10. Finish ladies' lesson for 10/15 meeting

What are you working on this week?

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