Friday, October 05, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion

Life was hectic this summer and I neglected my blog. That's not news to you, is it?

So now that I'm writing again, I had the desire to spruce up the blog a bit, do some housekeeping, and add some things that will make your visit here a little more pleasant.

I've done some of that housekeeping, such as cleaning up my categories list and removing outdated links, etc.

I'm learning how to make my own blog header, but that's a slow process.

But what excited me most at this point is that I've added the ability for you to follow me and/or share blog posts easily with AddThis. What this little gadget does is sit over there in my sidebar (for the Follow Me option) or at the bottom of each post (for the Share This option).

In the sidebar, under my profile, you will find a horizontal bar of social media icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and the RSS feed for this blog. If you'd like to follow the blog or any of my personal pages, just click on the button corresponding to that page and you'll be set to follow me - each page has its own way to follow, but it's pretty easy to figure out.

Then, at the bottom of each blog entry, you'll find another horizontal bar of icons. These buttons make it easy for you to share any entry to any of the listed social media; you can also print or email individual entries by clicking the respective icons. The little orange square with the plus sign in it allows you to save that entry to any number of bookmarking sites, such as delicious or tumblr or Pinterest (my fave!).

After all this shameless promotion on my part, I wouldn't blame you for leaving and never coming back! I hope you'll stick around, though, and that maybe there'll be something somewhere along the way worth sharing or saving. I sure do appreciate your reading, and I love to hear from you through comments and emails, too!

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