Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our 28th Anniversary

Warning: Picture-heavy post!

On October 12th, Wes and I celebrated 28 years of marriage. As you know, we went away for the week to spend some time alone together.

It was amazing.

We went to Orcas Island, one of the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington. The weather was still beautiful, especially considering it was October; usually, the Washington coast has already returned to its dreary, rainy weather by this time, but this year summer came late and stayed longer. The mornings were chilly and gray, but the afternoons (except for one) turned off sunny and warm. The fall colors just glowed in that afternoon sunshine!

We left Sunday afternoon, the 7th, headed to Vancouver and to go to church at Metro Baptist Church, pastored by our good friend Russ Mackay. We walked in on their Thanksgiving Dinner for their church (Thanksgiving in Canada was on Monday, the 8th). Their church family had done a good job of inviting people - and they ended up with about 50 more than they'd planned for! So Wes and I just jumped in and helped with whatever they needed us to do at any given moment. It was so much fun to help out with their celebration!

Waiting for the ferry at Anacortes
Not a bad view while we wait: Mount Baker
On Monday we drove to Anacortes, WA, to take the ferry to Orcas Island. The water was beautiful as we took the one-hour sailing, and we arrived on the island in the late afternoon. The entire island was only 27 miles from each of its farthest points, there are no stoplights anywhere on it, and the max speed limit was 40 mph. Ahhhh! So relaxing and quiet!

WiFi on the ferry . . . for a fee!

This dog watched Wes like a hawk. Too funny!
The cars lined up behind us on the ferry, in my mirror
Sunshine on the water

Can you imagine living on an island, watching the ferries go by?!
Our cottage was the size of a small house, with one bedroom, a bath, a living area, and a micro-kitchen consisting of a microwave, a sink, and an apartment-size fridge. We took our crock pot and made soup on Tuesday and ate that both evenings for supper. Breakfast was served in the lobby of the reception office, and we ate sandwiches and salad for lunch - all very simple and inexpensive. The bedroom and living room each had a wood-burning fireplace, so we had a fire each evening in one or the other room. There was a hot tub on the deck, but we didn't use it. First, it was on the front porch, where everyone could see us. Second, it was a bit chilly out there! So we just snuggled up to the fire and left the hot tub for another time.

The bedroom had a king-sized bed, small sitting area, and a fireplace, with sliding doors to the deck

The living room and kitchen, complete with husband! The dining area was just to the right of the picture.
On Tuesday we explored the island, going into the main little village and looking in the shops. I was a bit disappointed that there was no quilt shop and only one antique shop on the whole island! ;) Most of the shops had a new-age feeling to them, so there wasn't much that interested us in them.

Crow Valley School Museum. I tried to go in, but it was locked.

On our Tuesday afternoon walk, sitting on a bench on a hill above the ocean

The view from the bench on the hill
We played Farkel . . . and I won! :)
On Wednesday we drove up to the summit of Mt. Constitution, where there is a rock tower built by the Conservation Corps in the early 1900s. It was cloudy down below, but on top of the mountain it was clear and sunny. All we could see from the top was Mount Baker sticking up out of the clouds!

The tower on Mount Constitution

This was all we could see from the tower - clouds and Mount Baker
As we drove around the island, we saw lots of deer. In fact, the place where we stayed was called Deer Harbor - but we didn't see one deer there. On the far other side of the island, we saw plenty of them, and one bounded out in front of us, with another car coming toward us! It was hair-raising and over in an instant, leaving me with my heart pounding. Good thing the speed limit was only 40!

A friendly couple took our picture for us
The scenery reminded me of something out of Anne of Green Gables, with farms all over the island. Beautiful farm houses and B&Bs were all around us, with the ocean glistening in the distance. I wanted to move there! I loved it so much.

On Thursday we left and drove over to Omak, WA, so we could do some grocery shopping the next day. We drove home Friday, and Wes took me out to Montana's for an anniversary dinner.

And that was our week! We had a wonderful time away, although the time passed really quick. I'm so thankful that we were able to get away, and we were refreshed and ready to work again when we got back!


  1. Looks like a fun trip! Your pictures are beautiful and the one of the dog made me smile. :o)

    1. I had so much fun watching that crazy dog! LOL It would look at Wes, and as soon as he looked up, the dog's ears would raise. When Wes looked away, his ears would go down. It was hilarious!

  2. Sounds like a lovely trip in every respect!


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