Monday, September 24, 2012

This Week's Goals

Remember back in April when I set fitness goals and reported on them each week? I liked the accountability blogging them brought, so I thought I might do that again, but on a broader scale. My blog friend, Mrs. T of Across My Kitchen Table, sets goals for herself each week in several areas of her life, so I'm going to join her. I've also noticed that Crystal at Money Saving Mom sets weekly goals and includes a linkup for others to share theirs. I found this customizable weekly goal-planning sheet at Money Saving Mom, which is a big help to me in setting goals in various categories. I like forms and I like planning, so this was a fun find for me!

So here are 10 of my goals this week (some are too personal to share on a public blog!):

1. Follow my daily homemaking plan (a la FlyLady)
2. Follow my planned evening routine each night (also via FlyLady)
3. Skype with my parents
4. Exercise 4 times, at least 30 minutes each
5. Drink 48 oz. water daily
6. Go to bed at 10 pm each night
7. Read 3 chapters in Stewarding Life

8. Prepare lesson for next Wednesday's bus class
9. Write 3 blog posts
10. Add 5 new items to my Etsy shop

Do you set goals for yourself daily, weekly, monthly? How do you keep yourself accountable?

"Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established." 
Proverbs 4:26


  1. I tend to keep a running list, sometimes just in my head. but if there is a lot of stuff, I write it down. It helps me sort what needs to be done now but it also keeps projects I want to get to on it both to remind and to inspire me.

    1. I have to write things down if I'm going to remember them! I've never been good at just keeping them in my head.


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