Friday, September 28, 2012

Summer Series: A Visit and a Retreat

After having our Missions Conference in April and our Mother/Daughter Brunch in May, we enjoyed having our oldest son, Samuel, home for three weeks. He had just graduated with his Master's Degree and was getting ready to begin his full-time job with West Coast Baptist College, and he needed a place to stay that was rent-free, so he came home! ;) One of the weeks he was home, we borrowed a cabin on Shuswap Lake and invited one of his friends from Vancouver to come up to the lake with us. The boys enjoyed fishing off the deck of the house, and we all played games, read, or just napped as the mood struck us. It was great to take some time off!

Near the end of June, our youth director's wife and I attended a pastors' wives retreat in Riondel, BC, on the shore of Kootenay Lake (are you getting the idea that we have lots of lakes here?!). This was the second annual retreat for us ministry wives. We had fewer ladies there this year, but the small group made for a more intimate setting, which was more conducive to open conversation about things that concern us as wives of pastors. We shed some tears as we shared prayer requests and testimonies of how the Lord has worked in the lives of our people, and we also bared our hearts about things that burden us about our ministries.

The view on the lake shore, standing in front of the main lodge
 Pastor Tom Stastny, one of the coordinators of the retreat, came in to teach us each afternoon and have some time to ask him questions. He and his wife have been in the ministry for about 25 years, and they have a heart for pastors' families. We discussed things like having balance in our lives when a lot needs to be done and sometimes there aren't many people to do the work. In our case, for example, we have plenty of people who willingly work with us, but we have a bus ministry that is growing and we're simply maxed out with our workers. It was good for me to have some outside-looking-in people to talk to about the work involved with that particular facet of our ministry. Pastor Stastny also taught us principles from the Bible, such as serving God with joy and how that looks practically in our lives as pastors' wives. We're just like everyone else; at times, we serve out of duty rather than joy, and we need the reminders about staying close to God and having balance to help us keep that joy alive.

The lodge, where we slept, ate, and had our meetings

Although we had plans to play games and take hikes and things like that, this year we spent most of our time talking about these things and encouraging each other. And laughing. We laughed a lot, which is good medicine! (Proverbs 17:22)

The panoramic view, with the lake to my back

The pictures I shared in this post were taken during Family Camp, which we attended in August, but the pastors' wives meet at the same camp. I didn't take any pictures at the retreat, since it was such a private time for us.

Next up in the Summer Series: Youth Conference!

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