Friday, September 21, 2012

Summer Series: Mother/Daughter Brunch

I was originally going to write one post with highlights of our summer, but once I got that started, I found that there was more I wanted to say about each event than just one little blurb, and there were also more pictures than just a little collage, which was the most practical way to show you lots of pictures in a highlight post.

So I decided to write a series of posts giving you the highlights of our summer, beginning with our Mother/Daughter Brunch in May. I realize May isn't summer, but that's about when the summer frenzy started for me.

We had our Brunch on May 12th. The theme was "The King's Daughter" - so of course, I used decorations along a princess theme, and our colors were purple and silver. 

The week before the Brunch several ladies came to my house and helped me make some of the decorations: tissue paper poms to hang from the ceiling and castle place cards. One of our ladies had made those poms years ago as wedding decorations! For the place cards, we used folded, unlined 3x5 cards. We stamped a castle with embossing ink in the middle of the card (after marking exactly where to stamp it - learned that pretty quick!) across where the fold would be, then embossed the castles with gold embossing powder. Then we cut around the top half of the castle, so that when the card was folded the top of the castle popped up above the card. Wes printed the verse and flourish underneath the castle for me. I was very pleased with how they turned out!

We used real china and silverware for our place settings, and added little cups of chocolate-covered fruits to each place. I found confetti that looked like little diamonds that I scattered down the middle of each table. One of our ladies made little white satin pillows as centerpieces, and on each pillow we set a toy tiara.

Our meal was a planned potluck: breakfast casseroles, croissants and muffins, and fruit. The ladies outdid themselves! We had so much delicious food! Punch, coffee, and water finished off our meal.

Our ladies were excited to invite their friends and relatives, and they were rewarded with several visitors. We had visiting moms, aunts, cousins, nieces, and even one lady's dental hygienist! Don't you just love that?! We had good reports all around that our visitors enjoyed their time with us.

We played some games that were fun for little girls and grown-ups alike, and then my mother-in-law brought our lesson for the day. It was wonderful having her here. I so enjoyed having her fellowship and help, and I was thrilled to introduce her to the ladies in our church. After it was all over, I realized I hadn't gotten a picture of her speaking!

So that was my first big event of the summer. I planned and worked and prayed over it for weeks, and it turned out great! The only thing I will change in the future is letting more people help me. I wanted to make it special for everyone and tried to do most of the work myself, but I realized that I have to have help for such a big event, and our ladies are always asking what they can do to help. Next time . . . I'm taking them up on it!


  1. That looks so lovely! I think I told you we had a ladies' luncheon with the same theme a few years ago, and little tiaras on pillows like that. I like the confetti as well. Those place cards are just darling. I'll have to remember that pop-up feature!

    Part of me really misses planning these kinds of things, and part of me is really relieved I don't have to here.

    Definitely get more help, especially when you have people offering and don't "have" to do it all yourself. Some of our best times of fellowship were over working on things like that.

    1. I think you may have been the person I got the idea for the tiaras on the pillows from. I really loved the "diamond" confetti; it fit in perfectly with your theme! ;)

      The place cards were so easy to do! I've been thinking about offering something similar in my Etsy shop, but I can't figure out how to cover up the cut-out section on the back, or if that even matters.

      I get pretty paralyzed when I first start planning things like this, then as I go, I get too many ideas and have to whittle them down to just what we can reasonably use and afford. And I will definitely accept the help next time! When the ladies came to help make decorations, we had some good fellowship, so I should learn from that.

      Thanks for your thoughts, Barbara!

  2. Fabulous!!! oh my gosh, this is a wonderful occasion for a party!! my oldest daughter and I did a mother daughter retreat..a weekend in heaven...and a beautiful way to strengthen the bonds of love.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    p.s. the last few parties I have done I had a lot of help...what a difference it made in my stress level! and I know my friends did not mind making a dish to share. i will never go back to doing it all by myself.

    1. Hi, momof8, and thanks for stopping by my blog! I learned my lesson on the help thing, although the ladies did bring dishes - I didn't do all that cooking!


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