Tuesday, July 10, 2012


On the annual WCBC Harbor Cruise, Spring 2012

Today is our son Andrew's 21st birthday.

Will you indulge me for a few minutes as I tell you all about Andrew?

Andrew is entering his senior year at West Coast Baptist College. But not just his senior year: he's entering as a second-semester senior, thanks to some diligent planning and hard work on his part. He will be finished with college in December - which is none too soon for him! He took a summer interim class - in which he earned a semester's worth of credit in one week - and he'll take another one this winter. Those two courses, along with his full semester this fall will complete his degree.

Working the sound booth at church

Andrew's major is Church Ministries, which is an all-around education in the operation of a church. He doesn't feel called to the ministry, but he has always been willing to work in any part of church ministry assigned to him. His favorite ministries are with children and teens, and God has definitely gifted him for working with children.

Racing young Mr. Harris, our future daughter-in-law's little brother. Can you tell how hard Andrew is trying to win?! ;)

During the course of his college years, Andrew has worked with several age groups of children, both helping in classes and teaching them. This past year, he was the student leader of a program his church implemented, called Bus Them In, and found that he has a love for the bus program. He's now the church bus program director and loves it!

Working with children during the Spiritual Leadership Conference 2012, Lancaster Baptist Church

Andrew has had a job in graphic design at the church for most of his college years, and he will go on staff full-time when he is finished in December. He helps design anything that goes through the church's print ministry - from pamphlets to registration forms to book and CD covers.

Andrew and his date, Jannah, at the WCBC Spring Banquet, 2012

Wes and I have watched Andrew mature into a generous, caring, responsible young man, and we're very proud of him and his work. I'm so glad God gave him to us!

Happy Birthday, Andrew!
We love you beyond words!

**Andrew and Beth are arriving home for a few weeks tomorrow!**


  1. Happy Birthday to a fine young man! I know you'll enjoy the time with your kids!

  2. Happy Birthday to Andrew :) Have fun having them home for a few weeks!!

  3. Happy birthday, Andrew! I know you can't wait to see your two college kids! :)

  4. I didn't realize he and I were almost birthday buddies! Today is my dad's dad's birthday! Happy birthday to Andrew!


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