Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm Alive!

I'm still here! What a crazy month May has been!

A sneak peek at the table decorations!

By far the biggest event, as far as keeping me busy, was our Mother/Daughter Brunch, held on the 12th. That went very well, and I'll have some pictures and the story behind them soon.

The view

I'm working on Sam and Juliana's engagement story and pictures. I still love to just look at the pictures and relish the big smiles on their faces as they confirmed their love for each other and began to plan their life together.

Sam also received his Master's Degree in Theology

We had a great visit with Wesley's parents. They stayed with us for six days. The first three days were busy with the ladies' brunch, the fourth day was Sunday, which means we were at church most of the day, and the last two days we basically just relaxed and did not-much-of-anything. That was a huge relief! Mom and I did some thrift-store and dollar-store shopping, and Wes took us to Five Guys for some burgers. It's nice to do those everyday things with family, especially when you only see them once every few years!

Wesley's dad

Sam arrived on Saturday, the 12th, and is home for two more weeks. We're going to a pastor's conference for a couple of days next week, then to a cabin on the lake for four days the week after that. We're enjoying just talking, listening to his plans (which include teaching freshman speech at WCBC next year), playing games, and simply spending time with our son. This is the longest he's been home since Christmas, 2007, and our last visit with him as a single man.

Yours Truly, finally relaxing!
 A busy summer is just beginning! It's exciting to be busy in the Lord's work and in our personal lives, but there are times we are tired and just need to be quiet. So over the summer, I will post as I can. Thanks again for reading!


  1. Loved your update post, Susan. And Sam in his cap and gown I know makes you a proud Mama! You sound busy! Glad you still Alive!! :) Post when you can, and we'll enjoy catching up.

  2. I enjoyed this update, sounds like you have lots of wonderfully-exciting things happening. Can't wait to read the engagement story. :o)

  3. Exciting times! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the luncheon!


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