Friday, April 06, 2012

Sometimes You Need a Day Off

Wes and I took a day off today. Being Good Friday, it was a legal holiday here, just as in the US, so we decided we would take the day completely off and do something together.

A Day off
Photo by Manuela Hoffmann

It's been a long time since we've taken a real, honest-to-goodness day off.

So today we packed up a lunch and headed east of town to Myra Canyon, where an old railroad bed has been converted to a hiking trail. We like to hike up there because there's no incline more than 8%, because that's all the trains could handle way back when - so it's easy on us! ;)

As we were going up the muddy, slushy mountain road to the canyon, we noticed the snow getting decidedly deeper on the sides of the road. At the trail head, everyone had on snow boots and was unloading snowmobiles from the backs of 4x4 pickups. We were a little out of place in our runners and Nissan Maxima; not to mention our car was a dirty mess by the time we drove through all that mud! It dawned on us about the same time that the trail was still covered in snow, and we were sadly underdressed in our denim and runners and hoodies! Plus our car's outdoor thermometer reading was 1.5 degrees Celsius, which is just above freezing.

So we turned around and came back down to a hiking trail in town (where it was around 50 degrees F). We ate a quick lunch - the breeze was a bit brisk even though the sun was shining - and struck off on the Mission Creek Greenway. It's a nice, groomed pathway beside a gurgling creek running right beside a four-lane main highway through town.

At least it was nicely groomed until I looked at one of the posted maps and pointed out to Wes that if we crossed this bridge over the creek here, in just 2 kilometers that woodland trail would end and there would be another bridge crossing back over to the groomed path. So off we went through the woods.

Crossing the bridge. As you can see, spring has not quite arrived.

We walked. And walked. And walked. We turned back once, but Wes said, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained," so we kept going. Because we knew that second bridge was somewhere just ahead.

We never did find that bridge. We began rehashing that map and figured out we'd been at that second bridge when we'd looked at the map, not the first one. And we don't know how far we walked exactly, but Wes figures we walked about 6 kilometers round-trip, which is roughly equal to 3 1/2 miles or so.

Just after we decided to keep going. Still looking for that bridge.

We were plumb tuckered out after our little walk!

We took the car to the carwash, came home and took a nap. Then we ordered pizza.

I think we'll sleep well tonight.

All that to say, sometimes you need a day off to just be

We needed that today.

I hope you're having a wonderful Easter weekend, and that you will have some time to just 


"And he said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while . . ."
Mark 6:31


  1. Sounds like a nice day! We had one of those a couple of weeks ago and it really was refreshing. Glad you could get a day off together.

  2. Sounds like a fun day together....I'd love the driving around seeing the countryside....not too much on the hiking though! We had a relaxing Sunday afternoon...needed it after the Market on Saturday!


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