Monday, April 16, 2012

Missions Conference 2012

This year we have the Adonis Malazo family, missionaries on deputation to The Philippines, with us for our Missions Conference. My husband and I have known the Malazos for several years, and we're so excited to have them with us this week! Adonis was born in Manila, but his family eventually emigrated to Vancouver. For many years, he has had the burden to go back to his homeland and win his people to the Lord. He and his wife, Sandra, have spent ten years working in several ministries in Vancouver, and now the Lord has allowed them to begin preparing to go . . . and they are thrilled!

One of our ladies makes all of our banners. She did an outstanding job with this one! In case you can't see it well in the picture, the little dots across the world are footsteps . . . we walk by faith in world missions.

The Malazos arrived Friday. We grilled some burgers and had some good fellowship that evening. On Saturday, while the men went soulwinning, Sandra and I made Filipino food for our international tasting (not a dinner, just appetizer-sized samples) of foods from four different countries: The Philippines, India, Siberia, and Mexico. Sandra taught me how to make spring rolls, and other than having the wrong type of wrappers (because I didn't know where in the store to find the right kind!), they turned out delicious. Several of our ladies helped with the other countries, and we had more of a feast than a sampling! I have pictures of Sandra and me cooking, but we forgot the camera for the actual event.

Making spring rolls and the party food below. I was frying; Sandra was stabbing. Shirley, in the back, was watching and begging to help! ;)

We do not know what this is called, but it is a popular party food/decoration among Filipinos. It's the top of a pineapple, with skewers of marshmallows and mini hot dogs stuck in the pineapple top. Sandra added pineapple chunks to the top of the skewers just before serving. I did not taste it, but it disappeared quickly at our tasting on Saturday night!
Sunday was the official start of the Conference. My husband preached the morning service, while Bro. and Mrs. Malazo taught our junior church. Sunday night, though, our church was treated to the Malazos' mission presentation, in which they presented their burden for The Philippines, and Bro. Malazo preached for us.

Bro. Malazo introducing his family and presentation
 After their missionary presentation, our church's children had a presentation of their own. All year, on Sunday nights, we have a ceramic piggy bank on the platform, and the children put loose change in the pig during the offering. During Missions Conference, the money collected through the year is given to the missionary children. This year, our children gave over $200.00, which Pastor divided among the four Malazo children. We love teaching our children to give, and it's a huge pleasure to give to the missionary children each year! The missionary children seem to love it too! ;)

The Malazo children receiving their gifts!
Our Conference runs through Tuesday night. We'll be making our missions giving commitments next Sunday, and we hope to take on two new missionary families this year. Help us pray about being able to increase our missions giving and do more to get the Gospel around the world!

I should have a few more pictures later this week!


  1. I love the children's offering idea! And the International food tasting.

    I love visiting with missionaries.

    1. The children's offering was already in place before we came to this church. My husband liked it and the kids love it, so it stayed in place. For Wes and me, it's one of the highlights of Missions Conference. Things like that were done for our children several times on deputation, and we enjoy doing it for others.

      The international food tasting turned out to be a great idea. We set up tables for the 4 countries, then set out the food with small dessert plates. Everyone mingled around and enjoyed fellowship together, then we had a short devotion and separated into men and ladies to pray. That was one of the sweetest prayer times we've had, where we just prayed from our hearts! So good!


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