Monday, April 30, 2012

April Fitness Challenge: Week 4

Time to report on our last week of the Fitness Challenge!

I went to a ladies' retreat over the weekend - and we left a day early because we had to drive 4 1/2 hours - so my normal week was cut short. It's very hard to pay attention to new habits when you're not having a normal week - just in case you didn't know that already. I'm always here to let you know these things!

Here were my goals for last week, with my results in red:

1. Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. I did not meet this goal. Again. Let me clarify that I do eat veggies, but most of the time they are starchy veggies, such as corn, peas, or potatoes. The veggies I am trying to eat more of are the non-starchy ones: green beans, broccoli, salad veggies, etc.
2. Go to bed by 10:30 each night (except Friday night, when I'll be at the ladies' retreat!). I managed this one pretty well, making it to bed early 4 nights out of 7. Friday night, the night of the retreat? Midnight!
3. Exercise 3 days. I did this! I even did it before I went to the retreat. Since I knew I'd be gone, I went to Curves Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I planned to exercise at the hotel on Friday morning, but it was a fancy hotel and charged extra to use the "health club," so I opted not to go. Plus I needed to sleep in till 7:00! 

I learned a couple of things this month. First, that I am not very disciplined when it comes to eating, drinking water, or getting to bed at a decent hour. The second thing I learned is that having goals at least makes me think about what needs to be done and gives me something to aim for. Without goals, I just float through the days not really paying attention to what's going on. So the challenge was a good thing for me.

This is the end of our April Challenge. Thank you for participating and putting up with my inconsistencies! 

How did you do last week?
Did you learn anything about yourself by participating in the challenge?

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  1. Susan, thanks so much for the fitness challenge. I can hardly believe that April is over as of today and that the challenge is ending. Time certainly does fly.

    I too have learned that I am very undisciplined in these areas -- especially eating and drinking water.

    I know that I have the potential to be extremely disciplined in the area of exercise, as I used to be much more faithful about it than I am right now. In years gone by I was very consumed helping to care for an elderly parent. I determined that I would not allow her to keep me from exercising, as I felt that I had to be healthy to do all that I needed to for her. I find it very interesting now, several years later, that I will allow *myself* to get in the way, when I would not allow her to keep me from exercise. I'm learning that I am my own biggest obstacle to forward progress in any area of my life.

    Thanks again for the challenge. It was really helpful.


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