Friday, March 09, 2012

A Vegetarian Afternoon

We've been sitting here a lot . . .

We had a busy weekend and beginning of this week. The church in Vernon, BC, that our church has been helping supply for over a year is finally getting their new pastor. They are reorganizing and having get-acquainted meetings in April for their new beginning, and this week they've had church-planter extraordinaire Bro. Earl Jessup with them, meeting with pastors from all over BC and getting ready for those start-up meetings.

We hosted Bro. Jessup in our home and church over the weekend. He's had cancer in the past two years, so he has become a vegetarian. But I didn't realize that he'd become vegetarian, so I was planning a nice big roast for Sunday's dinner! My husband emailed him to check on any food issues, and - thankfully - we found that the roast was not a go for Sunday. I had a moment of panic. We are so not vegetarians! Wes suggested Potato Minestrone, one of our favorite recipes (to which I usually add a pound of ground beef!), so I made a pot of soup and served whole-grain rolls, a salad, and fruit with it. Bro. Jessup said it was delicious! I have to say it was pretty good, even without meat!

Photo credit Taste of Home
We also invited another couple over, so I made a completely-homemade-from-scratch German chocolate cake on Saturday night. I ate a few bites of it here and there . . . and totally wasted the little bit of weight loss I had accomplished by going to Curves! My weigh-in was Monday, and because I didn't watch what I was doing, it appeared that I had only lost 2/10 of a pound in a whole month! I had been weighing myself all month, and I had lost a couple of pounds, so I was not happy with myself at all over that one! (I know one weekend doesn't destroy two pounds of weight loss. I think the extra milk in all the Tim Horton lattes I drank last week might have had something to do with it too - maybe) I'll tell you more about Curves later. Suffice it to say that I'm loving it! But the cake . . . it was delicious! Although one layer of mine stuck to the pan. The cake turned out ugly. Really ugly. But it tasted so good!

Photo credit Taste of Home. My cake did not look this good.
So that was our weekend. Slightly vegetarian, but not so much after all. Busy with cooking, church activities, and fellowshipping. I have more to tell you about the beginning of the week, but that will have to wait till tomorrow! See you again soon!


  1. It would be hard for me to come up with a vegetarian meal, too, but I probably should have a couple on hand just in case. I'm glad you found out before he came over!

    I'll be interested to heard more about Curves.

    1. I just threw things together and hoped it worked. Sometimes vegetarians seem to also eat only organic things, but I didn't have anything organic. It worked out, though. I'm working on my Curves post this afternoon, so I should have it ready early next week.

  2. I read your sentence: The cake turned out ugly. Really ugly. Then I scrolled and saw this beautiful cake!!! And I said, "That is definitely NOT an ugly cake." Then I scrolled a little further and saw the photo credit. Ok, maybe yours was ugly. LOL! But anything that's German Chocolate has got to be delicious!!! I love German Chocolate!

    1. I have never made a cake that looks as good as that pic in my life! LOL It was really good, it just looked lopsided and caved in on the sides. Nobody complained about how it looked! ;)


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