Saturday, March 17, 2012

FNSI Results

I did indeed sew last night! I just haven't had much chance to post about it today.

My first goal was to get the first two blocks done in the Blogger's Block of the Month. It only started in September, so I'm not that far behind, right?  I also wanted to get at least one pillowcase made.

I kinda sorta met my goals.

Three blocks and the beginning of the fourth . . .

I'm making two quilts simultaneously (I spelled that right the first time!), so I did both Block Ones and then began on the Block Twos. One of the quilts will be a scrappy Christmas Quilt (following Debbie's lead), from scraps I got on clearance at my local quilt shop a few weeks ago; the other will be a scrappy quilt using my Rebel Roses scraps. I'm determined to get every last inch of usefulness out of that fabric!

Rebel Roses Block One

Here are my results: the first two blocks done on the Rebel Roses quilt, and the first block finished on the Christmas quilt. I started working on the second block, but just ran out of steam. I plan to work on this block some more this evening.

Rebel Roses Block Two

No pillowcase this time, but I'm going to work on a couple this week.

Christmas Block One

Linking to the FNSI and Whoop Whoop Fridays.

Handmade by Heidi


  1. Susan, I love your color combinations. These quilts will be beautiful! I like how you are making 2 quilts too. I was going to print out all the block directions so I could make another one some day. I did print out the first 2 or 3, but need to go back and catch up.

    I'm ready for the March 25th quilt block to come out.

    1. Debbie, you are the inspiration for the Christmas quilt. I will add a link to your blog with your name; I was in a hurry last night and had every intention of pointing my readers to your blog, but it slipped my mind in adding all the other links.

      I didn't think to print them out, but I should probably do that - good idea. My husband thinks I've lost my mind doing 2 quilts at once! LOL I am enjoying seeing each block develop in two different colors. I don't like the method for the second block, but I adore the finished block!

  2. nice post thanks for sharing... blessings

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Soraya!

  3. I love the blocks and the fabrics! So glad you shared!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kami! Not long now till you'll be holding your new little one!

  4. The fabric is beautiful. I like that you're making both quilts at once. I hope you will keep posting your progress.

    1. I plan to post my progress on these quilts, especially the next couple of weeks as I plan to catch up to the current month. I really love the 4th block in the series and can't wait to try it! Thanks for your comment! :)


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