Thursday, March 29, 2012

Are You Up To A Challenge?

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My local Curves is doing a 30-day challenge in April. The challenge is actually pretty easy: exercise at Curves three days per week for the month of April. I've decided to join in - the weekly prizes lured me in - and I was thinking I'd like to do something to give myself a boost and hopefully lose some weight during the month.

Although I don't think I'll lose the most weight among the ladies at my Curves, I thought if I had some extra accountability and company along the way, I might be able to challenge myself a little more and maybe lose a little more weight in the process. That's where you come in!

How would you like to have a challenge of our own?

Here's my plan . . .

Each Monday, beginning April 2, I will post a blog entry with my health goals for the week. For example, I might have (1) exercise five days (including the three I go to Curves); (2) drink six cups of water each day; and (3) eat five servings of fruits and veggies each day. The following Monday, I will let you know how I did on those goals and post new ones for the coming week. You could do the same on your blog or just come here and leave a comment to report in.

That's all you have to do. Just set your goals and report on them each week.

I like to think of this as provoking one another unto good works, as in Hebrews 10:24!

Are you in?


  1. This sounds like such a good idea, Susan! I am already posting about my weekly goals on my blog (which include some health goals) but I can come here to share them and report in, since you've made that option available. Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. Your weekly goals and another blogger's weekly goals were the inspiration to do this! I'd love to have you join in!

  2. I have been thinking about joining the Curves in my area. It is very difficult for me to lose weight due to some health issues, but I have lately set a goal for myself to eat healthy meals 5 days a week. If I do manage to stick to my diet and exercise 3 days a week at Curves, maybe I will lose some weight. My main concern is to do all I can to improve my health so I can feel better. Count me in!

    1. Cheryl, I would love to have you join in! Please don't think you have to join Curves to do this, though. You can do the challenge any way you want to; I'm just trying to help you set some goals!


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