Saturday, February 25, 2012

Worth the Read

Photo by Raven

Everyday Living:
The Humility Question - The Bible tells us to humble ourselves, but how do we do that? Pastor Paul Chappell outlines five ways to humble ourselves before God.
3 Myths About Marriage - Unreasonable expectations produce these 3 myths about marriage.
Visions - This blog entry touched my heart and made me both remember some of the visions I had for my children and recognize some that I never dreamed.
My Top 3 Tips For Getting Things Done - Practical, doable time-management tips
Managing Life as a Work-At-Home Mom - Stephanie gives practical advice for those searching for balance as work-at-home moms. Follow through on the entire series.
5 Secrets of An Efficient Kitchen - Produce the desired effects in your kitchen without waste.
How To Write - A list of advice compiled in a memo by the head of a successful advertising company. Good advice for those of us who blog.

Crafty Things: 
101 Sewing Tutorials For Winter - Find some fun and useful things to sew while the days are cold and dreary.
30+ Free Potholder Patterns and Tutorials - I'm always on the lookout for quick and easy gifts, and these fit the bill.
Emerson Street Table Topper - This little tutorial from Moda Bake Shop features little houses. Cute!
Ruby's Party Bag - Such a cute little purse for little girls!
Crocheted-Edge Blanket Tutorial - These are some of the sweetest baby blankets I've ever seen!
Free Motion Quilting - The best source I've found so far for free-motion quilting: lots of instruction and practice.

Please join me each Saturday as I share things I feel are Worth the Read!


  1. I love getting reading suggestions! I tried the efficient kitchen link but the page wouldn't load so I'll try again later.

    1. I enjoy finding new links to read too, which I why I started doing this. I checked that link to make sure it was good, and I didn't have a problem loading it. Hopefully it was just a glitch for you, and you can get it later today. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I saw your link for Free Motion Quilting. Have you tried it yet? My Mom is planning on teaching me when I get to Florida. I'm still a bit skeptical!

    1. I have tried FMQ a couple of times, but I haven't seriously set my mind to it. I'm pretty sure I can do it; I just have to learn the right settings for my machine and to control the speed of my hands and the foot pedal. There's a balance to it, but I haven't done it enough to have found that balance yet.


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