Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Banquet

Last Thursday night was Spring Banquet 2012 at West Coast Baptist College, and all three of our children went. Sam took Juliana, of course. Andrew took her sister, Jannah, whom he's gotten to know as they have hung around with Sam and Juliana. They've become very good friends, and we weren't a bit surprised that they had a great time together. Beth went with her friends, Megan and Lauren. I think they've become the Three Musketeers! ;)

Here are some pictures from the evening:

Andrew and Jannah

Andrew and Jannah

Andrew, Jannah, Juliana, and Sam

Sam, Beth, and Andrew
Lauren, Megan, Beth
Beth's hair: I thought it was so pretty! :)

Sam and Juliana

Sam and Juliana

Sam, Juliana, Beth, Jessica, Andrew, Jannah - Hutchens and Harris siblings


  1. Spring Banquet already!

    It must be such a joy that your kids are all together for now.

    1. I think they call it the Spring Banquet only because it's in the spring semester. It's not exactly Valentine's, but not totally spring! I do enjoy seeing my kids enjoying things like this together.


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