Friday, February 03, 2012

Playing Catch-Up Again!

 Catching up.

I'm so sorry to have to play catch-up with you again! You'd think that, with no children at home and no homeschooling, I'd have loads of time on my hands. I thought so, too! But I'm finding that I'm filling my days with a lot of other things now, like sewing, reading, and studying for myself, and I'm still trying to find my balance in it all. Plus we just came through Christmas, with the children coming home for visits, which has its own set of finding-balance-when-it's-over problems. And just when I think we'll settle down to normal life, we have a Family Conference scheduled . . . which will throw me back into another few days of recovery once it's over. It's never ending!

So, to catch up:
  • Samuel has added teaching a debate class to his schedule. Yes, teaching! I'm so proud of him! He began teaching this semester, and loves it so far. He'll be teaching more classes in the coming years, but this is his first class. Sam is planning to come home in May for a few weeks before he begins tour this summer. Me likey!
  • Andrew called the other day and laid out a plan to finish college one semester early, saving several thousand dollars and making him one happy young man! ;) He is not fond of school (never has been), but he is finishing what he started, and I'm so proud of him, too! He will finish in December, but will not graduate until next May. He's coming home for VBS again this summer, and he's staying an extra week just to relax. And that makes me a happy mama!
  • Beth has changed her major from Church Ministries to Secondary Education. Her area of study will be History, and she will minor in Home Economics. Now I'm considering going down to join her! LOL She has about 20 projects due this semester, which is a huge increase over last semester, but she's working on them a little at a time so she won't be overwhelmed at the end of the semester. She already has two done, so I think she's off to a good start!  

  • My mother called me a couple of weeks ago to tell me that my great-Aunt Doris, my grandma's baby sister and only surviving sibling, had decided against further dialysis treatments and was being moved to hospice to await death. Aunt Doris was 82 years old and had survived three bouts with cancer already and was now dealing with kidney failure. She had outlived two husbands and had lost her only little girl to leukemia at 21 months (she has one son). And she was tired. My parents took their computer with them to see her one last time, and they got on Facebook video chat so that Aunt Doris and I could see each other and speak once more. She was so weak she could only speak a few words, and it broke my heart. That was on Tuesday, and the following Sunday she passed away. She was the kind of lady you always loved to see coming: always a smile on her face, an encouraging word, and something funny to say. Even when I talked to her on Tuesday, she was joking with us! Her death leaves a huge gap in our family, and we will all miss her, but she was saved and ready to see her husbands, baby girl, and many other of our loved ones. I like to imagine them all gathering around, 'cause somebody heard Doris was coming, and welcoming her Home! But yes, I'm still crying over her!
My dear Aunt Doris in May 2010

  •  On January 26th, my dad celebrated the 40th anniversary of his salvation! I just can't imagine what our life would have been like and where I would be now had not God saved my dad that day! Daddy is still faithfully serving God. He's pastored two churches, been a missionary to Mexico, has raised five children, and has 15 grandchildren (the five oldest of which are in Bible college right now!). God has so blessed our family!
My parents just a few days ago
  •  I'm still working on the quilt hanging I started a few weeks ago. I had to go back and redo several blocks because I realized they weren't done correctly. So now I'm caught up again and ready to put the whole top together and attach the borders. I hope to have the top finished by Saturday, because . . .

  • We have our Family Conference beginning this weekend, Sunday through Tuesday. We're having Pastor Greg Boyle, of Faith Baptist Church in Spokane, WA, as the guest speaker. He's bringing his wife, Patty, who is a lady I love to be around! They'll be staying in the guest suite in our apartment building and having their meals with us. We've been having guests in our suite about once a month or so, and we love this setup! They eat with us, then they are free to do whatever they want to, because they have their own little apartment to stay in. It's comfortable for all of us. I'm really looking forward to this conference, and we're praying that the Lord will do a great work in the lives of our church families. 
So that's what's been going on with us. I hope you're having a good week, and I'll see you soon!


  1. It was so nice to catch up with everything! Thanks for taking time to give us an update. I know you will miss your aunt, but what a blessing to know you will see her again someday! Hope you have a wonderful conference and that the Lord will use it in the lives of all who attend!

  2. Hi, Mrs. T! I'm glad you didn't give up on reading that mammoth post! LOL Please pray for our Family Conference, if you think of it. I'm expecting revival for our families!

  3. Actually, Susan, just about a half hour ago I was vacuuming, and I just felt led to pray for your family conference as I worked. I hadn't even seen your reply yet! Isn't that just like the Lord? I'll continue to pray.

    1. How awesome! :) The Lord works in amazing ways!

  4. Sounds like all the kids are doing very well in their plans and endeavors!

    Happy Spiritual birthday to your dad! It's amazing all the effects of that one decision on his life and his family's.

    I'm sorry for the loss of your aunt. Even when they've lived a long life, it's still hard to say good-bye. I'm glad you have wonderful memories to keep with you.

    1. Thanks for all your kind words, Barbara! The Lord has been good to our family, even in the more sad times.

  5. Hi Susan! Great catch-up post! I know you'll be thrilled to see all the children (young adults) back home again! Definitely something to look forward to! And sooo sorry to hear about your aunt; I'm glad you were able to speak with her before she went to heaven. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your parents, and yes, PTL that your dad accepted Christ that long ago! My 47th anniversary of my salvation is coming up this summer...and I'm very thankful, too, for that! Hope your Family Conference is a blessing.

  6. Hi, Deb! Thanks for all your sweet comments! You must have been saved at a VERY early age, my friend! :) The Lord is so good to have saved you so young so that you could grow up serving Him.

  7. First of all, I am sorry to hear about your Aunt. She ran the race, didn't she!
    It was great catching up on your kiddos. You have so much to be proud of and I know your heart is full of thanks.
    And your parents look so sweet. <3


    1. Yes, indeed, Aunt Doris ran the race, and ran it well! We are so thankful to the Lord for what He's done and is doing in our children's lives - it's all about Him! And thank you for your comment about my parents! :) They ARE sweet; I love 'em so much!


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