Saturday, February 11, 2012

Worth the Read

Photo by Raven

Here are a few things I felt were worth reading this week. I don't have many, not because there was nothing good to read, but because I was so busy all week with Family Conference and followup from that. And some of these are things I bookmarked weeks ago, but haven't shared with you yet. Good reading!

3 Myths About Marriage 

3 Actions You Can Take Now to Shift Your Emotional State

Making Good Intentions Happen

Heart of the Matter Bible Study - my sweet friend, Kami, has a Bible study on the heart. She's a missionary wife and mother of 5, (soon to be 6!), and she is writing an excellent series of lessons on the heart. I hope you'll take the time to read the previous lessons, and then subscribe to her blog to get the rest of them.

The list is a bit short this week, but I hope you'll continue to join me on Saturdays for Worth the Read!

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