Monday, February 27, 2012


Happy 30th Anniversary to my parents!!! 

It hardly seems possible that, just over 30 years ago, a widower with one daughter and a widow with a son and daughter met and (very quickly) fell in love. They married 30 years ago today, February 27, 1982. If you don't know their story, you can read it here.

My family celebrated Saturday with a reception for them at their church. I couldn't be there in person, but my sister and niece set up a laptop computer and we hooked up via Skype. So I was there; I just wasn't there.
The cake, made by my youngest sister, Rebekah

It was really quite funny. My sister said it looked like my niece was carrying me around in a box, and I felt like the old great-granny that gets parked in a comfy spot where everybody can come by and say hello and she can see everything that's going on! LOL

Cutting the cake . . . you can see me just a little bit on the computer behind them, on the left. That is my beautiful niece, Alycia, holding the computer!
Several people spoke sweet words about our parents. Don't you just love to hear people say good things about the people you love? My sister told about how she and our brother and mother prayed for a daddy, and a few months later, our Daddy came along. My dad's college best friend (my best friend Deborah's dad) told about their college days and how they became life-long friends. My parents' pastor spoke about the blessing they have been to him.

My mother with her sister, Becky.
After most everyone was gone, I talked to my dad & mom and brothers and sisters. It was good to almost be right there with them. I'm so thankful my sister was willing to go to the trouble of setting up the computer, and that my niece was willing to move it around the room where I could be a part of all the action. Thanks, Robyn and Alycia! And Eva too - my younger niece - she did some carrying too, even though she wasn't quite sure what to do with me!

My dad's brother, Bill; my brother, Jason, and his wife, Deanna

I thank the Lord for my parents' legacy of faithfulness. Each lost their first spouse, but each remained faithful to the Lord even through difficult times. There were times when I'm sure it seemed like life was going to be long and lonely. But the Lord brought them together and has now given them 30 years. They are a real-life example of faithfulness to their children and grandchildren. Each of us children can turn to our children and say, "Follow your grandparents as they follow Christ!"

Papa with eight of their 15 grandchildren. My three and one other grandson were not there. These are the youngest of the grandchildren.
Mother and Daddy, I wish for you many, many more years of serving the Lord together. 
I pray that you will see your grandchildren and great-grandchildren follow in your footsteps of faithful service to God! 
Have a wonderful day today. 
We love you!


  1. What a wonderful legacy and testimony! We've loved using Skype with my son in RI, too. He was sowing me one time a robot-like thing that we could use for Skype, but it could follow us around the house instead of someone carrying it. I thought that was maybe a little too weird (and expensive), but we've gotten pretty used to "Jeremy in a box" now. It's so nice especially for birthdays and holidays and such.

  2. "Susan in a box" was how I felt! That's a perfect name for it! I love being able to do that, though. It makes it a little easier to miss those kinds of events, and we can talk face-to-face with out loved ones too.


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