Monday, January 02, 2012


 Rusty 2012
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For the past two years, life has rushed past in a blur. Changes came to us fast and furious, and we found ourselves in a new ministry at the end of 2010. We quickly made plans for 2011, and we hit the ground running at the beginning of the year. I felt like I was always trying to catch up with the year, and by the end of the year, I was worn out.

As I was thinking about beginning a new year, I knew that I wanted to slow down and live life on purpose. We can't slow things down so much - the work of the ministry and family life goes on - but I can make plans and be more prepared for things so that I don't feel so rushed.

So the beginning of my goals for this year - my word for 2012 - is purpose. I want to live each day with purpose.

Do you have a word to characterize this year? Do you make goals or resolutions for the new year?


  1. I love the word you've chosen! It's one I could have focused on too.

    Hope 2012 is everything you want it to be!


  2. Thank you, Manuela! It's good to see you! :)

  3. jumped over from Be Still & Know...

    my verse is noted here:

  4. Welcome, skoots1mom!!! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  5. I just wrote about my wrestlings with these things. I had been kind of thinking out loud in comments on others' posts and finally decided to just stop and think out loud on my own blog, lol!

    Purpose is definitely a good word to focus on. I tend to do too much floating rather than living purposefully.

  6. Barbara ~ I'm looking forward to reading your "thinking out loud!" I chose purpose precisely because I'm so tired of floating.


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