Sunday, January 08, 2012

Monday Ministry Highlights: Vision Night

This entry was posted at KJV Blog Directory today. Beth is safely back at school, and our boys are coming home today for a week. I hope to get back to regular posting again next week!

On Sunday night, January 1st, we had Vision Night at People's Baptist Church. Our pastor (who also happens to be my husband!) presented his vision for our church this year. I knew of a couple of things he had planned, due to proof-reading the calendar, but I didn't know about everything. By the end of the evening, I was pretty excited about this year too!

We have two special meetings planned: a Family Conference in February and the 20th anniversary of our church in September. We also have Vacation Bible School and Family Camp this summer, as well as our teens planning to attend the youth conference at North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, California, in June. Our ladies are going to a ladies' retreat in Vancouver in April, as well as having our annual Mother/Daughter Tea and Christmas Fellowship. We have some activities planned for our homeschool families and senior saints (whom my husband dubbed Just Older Youth - JOY). We'll continue to have quarterly SNAC activities, and add PBCKidz, children in grades 1-6. We'll have them into our home and play some games and such; just simple things to keep the teens and children close to their pastor.

We saw 15 souls saved last year, many of those being children in our bus ministry. By the way, we moved our bus ministry to Wednesday nights in 2011. We began the year running about 20 on the bus, and now we have an average of 50 each week.

Our theme for the year is Walking By Faith. We're looking forward to our faith growing, but that also means we may have some trials of our faith. In those trials, though, we know the Lord will be in the midst of them and will use them for our growth. Whatever the year brings, my husband is leading us to commit ourselves to the Lord and trust His heart for us.


  1. Sounds like you have a great year in store!

  2. Sounds exciting! Our pastor in SC used to do a "State of the Church" message around the time of the "State of the Union" and "State of the State" speeches. It was more a look back at the previous year but it also looked ahead to goals and plans for the coming year.

  3. Thank the Lord there are still some christian colleges where parents can feel that their child is safe at school. That may not be how you meant that phrase, but my son now attends a public college close to home, but will be going to a good christian college next year 500 miles away and I am going to feel better about his safety then.

  4. Tammy ~ We're pretty excited about it! :)

    Barbara ~ That sounds very similar to what we do, too. The first part of the presentation was a look back at 2011, then the second part was looking ahead. Our pastor in Texas did something similar. We had a dinner that evening and called it a Victory Banquet, and our pastor went over the past year and gave his vision for the new year.

    Cheryl ~ We do feel that our children are safe at the college they attend, but there's still the surrounding city, which can be dangerous for them. I have a story to tell from Andrew about an experience he had at Wal Mart Sunday night that had me worried a bit!

  5. Sounds exciting!!! Are you going to the Pastor's Wives Retreat again?

  6. Kristy ~ As far as I know right now, I'll be coming to the retreat. I can't wait! Will you be coming again?


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