Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday Night Sew-In Results

Handmade by Heidi

I feel like I got a lot accomplished during this month's Friday Night Sew-In! I'm working on a small quilt that can either be a lap quilt or a wall hanging. When I started the evening, there was this much done:

When I finished, the five flower blocks were done!

I'm working mostly from fabrics I already had. I did buy the green fabric for the center of the flower, because all I had in a green that matched was a solid, and I wanted a tone-on-tone print. I get excited when all my colors look good together!

It snowed all evening while I was sewing. Wes had a meeting to go to, so I was home alone with my music and the snowfall. Aside from having to frog a few seams and completely re-cut and re-construct one portion of a block, I had a peaceful, enjoyable evening. Thanks, Heidi and Bobbi, for hosting!


  1. Sounds like a cozy evening! You got a lot done!

  2. Love those flower blocks! It is so nice to use fabrics from your stash. I'm really trying to that this year.

  3. Your blocks are gorgeous! Love the colors. I want to venture into more purples this year! I'm trying to tell Callie her favorite color is purple, so that I can make her big girl quilt that color! :o)
    I meant to tell you that I was going to join you Friday. But, I did a Friday Afternoon Sew-In since we had our family fun night that night. I finished a quilt top! yay! Now, we need to pin it, hopefully today.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Barbara ~ It was a very nice evening! I don't mind being home alone every now and then.

    pinsandneedles ~ I'm using my stash mainly because I didn't have enough money to buy all new fabrics, but it does feel good to be making something basically for free! :)

    Kami ~ I thought about you during the afternoon, but I knew you'd be doing your family night. I'm glad you were able to get something done! I love this deep purple, almost red, that I'm using. I have a piece big enough for the back, so that was my beginning color. So far everything is going well.

  5. You did good! I love those colors. It will be so pretty.

  6. Sounds like a lovely evening!

  7. Susan ~ I really wanted to join in on the Friday Night Sew-In this time, but just not enough time this week. I think you got TONS done! What a lot of blocks and what a fun snowy evening activity!

  8. Debbie ~ The farther I go on it the more excited I get! The quilting is scaring me a little, but I'm just going to pray and practice! LOL

    Manuela ~ Yes, it was! I wish we'd gotten more snow, though. We have more in the forecast for tonight.

    Deb ~ I know how it is when you just don't have the time to fit one more thing in. Maybe we can sew "together" next month! :)


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