Saturday, December 24, 2011

Worth the Read

Photo by Raven

Here are some links to articles around the web that I felt were worth the read the past few weeks. I hope you enjoy these links. I wasn't sure how much people liked them until I was talking to my sister-in-law a couple of weeks ago and she said this was her favorite feature now!

My Top 13 "Meal Ministry" Meals - suggestions for meals that transport well to take to those who are sick, have a new baby, or some other need

Why Does the World Hate the Duggars? - an excellent article expressing reasons why the world reacts so violently to the lifestyle of the Duggar family, mainly their decision to have as many children as the Lord will allow them

No Condemnation - good thoughts from my friend, Barbara, about some of the misconceptions about the verse in Romans 8 that teaches there is no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus

More Than My Two Front Teeth - asking God for something big this year

The Messy Girl and Her Messiah - I needed this entry about the birth of Jesus from the gospel of Mark

Gingerbread Teddy Bears - another post from Barbara that I just loved! I want to make these for our church children for our Open House next week.

Handmade Sea Salt Caramels - Beth loves these caramels from the local candy company, so I thought I might try this recipe

Handmade Holiday Decor eBook - free eBook to download

Please join me on Saturdays for more links Worth the Read!


  1. I didn't read the article about the Duggars, but unfortunately some Christians hate them too. :(

    I liked the 13 meal ideas. I've taken meals to different people about 4 times in the last few months and I've made baked ziti each time. It's quick and easy, but very good (I follow the recipe on the back of the box). I include some veggies and a loaf of crusty bread from the bakery section of my grocery store.

  2. Tammy ~ I'm sure there are some Christians who hate them too. The reaction I get most often from friends who have never heard of them is more of bewilderment - and some even say they're crazy. But I respect them immensely for their willingness to boldly live the way God has lead them to. That's something all saved and separated people should strive to do!

    I thought the 13 meal ideas were great! Your baked ziti meal sounds like a great idea; it's probably becoming your trademark meal and people will look forward to receiving it from you! :)

  3. Thanks for the mentions! I enjoyed clicking on a few of the others as well.


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