Saturday, December 03, 2011

Worth the Read

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A Collection of Posts on New Year Planning - by Cary Schmidt. I always enjoy Bro. Schmidt's blog posts, and his New Year Planning entries have been among my favorites. Here they are, all in one post!

From Lazy to Self-Disciplined, Part 1 - The beginning of an excellent scripturally-based series for homemakers, written by Teri Maxwell, author of Managers of Their Homes. See for yourself why I love reading behind Mrs. Maxwell! Read the rest of the series: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

What Does Your Daily Agenda Say About You? - A convicting and motivating post about what your daily life says about you.

There Is a Big Difference Between Neat and Organized - Neat is nice, but the extra work to be organized pays off

Free Printable Christmas Tags:

We Love To Illustrate For Children - six sets of tags for children's gifts

Sweetly Scrapped - in black and white so you can color them yourself

Sweetly Scrapped Christmas in July - these are in color

Sweetly Scrapped - several different colors of the same style

Karla's Korner - beautiful tags from my favorite designer

Just For Fun:

The Five Best Toys of All Time - Have you played with any of these?

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