Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Taking It Easy

Hi! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas! Ours was very simple - just one small gift each - but it was a good day. We enjoyed church in the afternoon, then dinner with friends later. I got to Skype for a few minutes with my mom and sister and everyone who was there. Beth and I went shopping yesterday, and today I picked up with my Curves routine again. I'm enjoying Curves very much. It's been just perfect for me so far.

I'm taking it easy on the blogging this week. Our annual Pastor's Open House is Thursday night, and Beth and I are working on that. When we're not napping or shopping, that is! ;) It's nice to be relaxing a little bit!

I'm also thinking over the New Year and setting some goals for myself. The word that keeps coming to mind for 2012 is intention. I want to live on purpose and with a purpose. Life is moving ever faster, and I want to live every moment of every day!

We're looking forward to an exciting year. We hope to obtain our permanent residence in 2012, which will be a giant step toward making Canada our permanent home. The new year will be Wes's second year as pastor of People's Baptist Church; we feel like we've got our feet firmly on the ground here and can move forward with confidence. We're looking forward to exciting things for our children next year, and I seem to have finally found my groove with diabetes . . . for now, anyway.

I have more to say about the past few years and my hopes for this new year, but I will save that for another time. I'm finding these middle years of life to be full of adjustments that I never expected, and some of them have been hard to deal with. I don't like to make my blog a platform for my personal trials, so I haven't shared them (and probably won't share much), but the past years are very much a part of my heart for the coming year.

What are you doing this in-between week? Are you making plans or goals for the New Year?


  1. We've had Christmas in stages this year, and this is the first day we've had to just relax. I'm hoping for more of those this week! Jim is off the rest of the week but has a number of things to take care of at home. We just took Jeremy to the airport, but his flight is delayed a bit, so we're hoping he makes his connecting flight.

    I'm taking the evening just to veg. We'll need to take down Christmas decorations one day this week but other than that I don't know what I'll be doing.

  2. Same here, Susan...just relaxing. Our company left yesterday (Granny's back in SC), and things are settling down and getting back to normal. I've been off the computer quite a bit and found out tonight that you've written 20 posts since I last checked in!!! So sorry that i haven't kept up in these last weeks leading up to Christmas. This week I'll be planning for Tom's b'day celebration on Friday and for company on New Year's Eve. I still need to do some thinking about goals for this year.

  3. Me & Hubby shared our first Xmas in 8 years with them. It was lots of fun.
    This year we are planning on filing for social security as we both will be 62. We found out hubby can still work and make a certain amount of money before any is taken out. With the kind of job he is doing now, he works 3-4 weeks an then if off 2-3 months and then again. That is perfect for us.
    We are praying for a church that we can learn and contribute to. That will determine our place of residence.
    I did loose my dad, my long time pet dog Putter, and my home.
    The Lord has taught me so many valuable lessons from all of this. You definitely know that the Lord is the important issue in your lives more and more as you age.


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