Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Recipe: Chicken Pie

Recently, Wes and I had Chicken Pie for supper. I don't have an exact recipe for it, but I'll tell you how I make it. My family loves this dish, along with its cousin, Beef Potpie, which I make when I have leftover roast beef. It's yummy comfort food on a cold wintry day, and it's always well-received by guests. I think it's because it's just old-fashioned comfort food.

The amounts I'm sharing will make a 9x13 pan, but the pictures show our smaller pan. When it's just the two of us, we don't quite need a 9x13! ;)

Disclaimer: I am not a food blogger. No way, shape, or form. So my pictures are just for information purposes and not so much artistic form. Just so you know!

First of all, cook some chicken. This can be parts, breast meat, a whole chicken, leftovers . . . whatever. I use probably 2 cups or so of meat.

Veggies. My husband doesn't like many vegetables, so I choose carefully what I put in my meat pies. He likes potatoes, corn, a little bit of peas (sometimes), and maybe a smattering of carrots (not very often). You can add whatever veggies you'd like. I think it would be good with some onion, mushrooms, and broccoli. For hard veggies like potatoes or carrots, I dice them into small pieces and boil them for about 5 minutes to soften them a bit before I put them into the pie. It won't be baking long enough to get the harder veggies tender.

The filling. I make a broth-based gravy as my filling. Melt 1/2 cup of butter in a large saucepan. I told you this is comfort food! Add 1/2 cup all-purpose flour and stir it till smooth, then let it cook for a couple of minutes. Whisk in 4 cups of chicken broth (either from the chicken you cooked, a can, or made from instant bouillon granules) and let it simmer for a couple of minutes. Keep stirring to avoid lumps forming. Add in your chicken and any veggies, then pour into a 9x13" pan.

The topping. This is the yummy part! I usually make a biscuit-dough topping. Measure into a 1-cup measuring cup 3 teaspoons of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of salt and finish filling the cup with flour. Add another cup of flour. Cut in about 1/4 cup of shortening (or lard if you live down south!) till the mixture looks like small peas. Add buttermilk to make a wet dough that you can't knead with your hands. Drop mounds of this wet, sticky dough on top of your hot filling. I use an ice cream scoop for this. Make sure your filling is hot or your biscuits will still be doughy in the middle when the outside is done.

Bake. Bake at 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes, until your filling is bubbly and your biscuits are nicely browned.

I usually serve this dish with a salad, since there are meat, veggies, and bread already included.

A topping variation is to use a regular pie crust. My family likes it either way, but I've gotten raves from guests over the biscuit topping. It's really good!

Got a good recipe for chicken pie? Share it with us in the comments or by email!


  1. That does look really good. The one that I make is here:

    In fact, we haven;t had it in a while, and I am thinking I need to make it soon!

    My hubby doesn't like peas at all. I pretty much only have them in a frozen vegetable mix, and he picks out the peas. :-) I tell him when I am eating them like that I don't even taste them, but he doesn't even like the idea of them there. I'm kind of that way with lima beans. I can eat them in a casserole or soup unless I actually see them, then I try to discreetly push them to the side. :-)

  2. My husband is a meat-and-potatoes guy, and I mean that very literally. He doesn't like many vegetables at all. So the little bit of peas & carrots in this dish are sometimes pushed to the side. I'm used to it! Thanks for sharing your recipe!


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