Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday Ministry Highlights: December

I posted this entry at KJV Blog Directory today, and since it covers lots of stuff that went on here for the month, I thought I'd share it here.

Happy Boxing Day from Canada! Boxing Day here is much like Black Friday in the States; lots of sales, incredible traffic, and crowds of people. Here in Kelowna, we have the only shopping mall within several hours' drive, so we get all the people from the neighboring towns as well as all the people who actually live here! My daughter, Beth, is home from college for Christmas, so she and I braved the crowds at the mall. Parking was nearly impossible, and we had to walk a long way to get into the mall. There were some fairly decent prices, but we only bought what we had specifically gone shopping for.

The month of December was very busy at our church, as I'm sure it was for most other churches. We had our Teens' and Children's parties on Saturday, the 10th. The teens met at the church for games and refreshments and to exchange gifts. My husband and I went up there about 1:00 and it sounded like there was much fun and frivolity going on! The children met at a church member's house and had refreshments as well. They made some fun crafts, which is always a hit with our children.

My husband greeting people before church

At 2:00, everyone met at the church to go Christmas caroling at the local nursing home, where we have a monthly service. We all gathered in the day room, where there's a piano, and sang for probably 30 minutes for the residents. They all seemed to enjoy it, and it was worth the time we took to see the smiles on their faces!

Some of our teens

The highlight of the year for our ladies is our Ladies' Fellowship Christmas Party. We met in a home where all the decorations are country/primitive. The fun of meeting at someone's home is the sense of comfort and coziness in the meeting. We played several Christmas games, and even tried out a new-to-us game of Catch Phrase. I gave a short devotion before we opened gifts and had refreshments.

Fellowship before church

On the 16th we had our adult Christmas party; then on the 18th, we presented our small Christmas program at the church. We just did a simple program of music, both vocal and instrumental. Several families participated, and my husband presented a very clear message of the Gospel.

The platform set up for the Christmas performance

Finally, on Christmas Day we had just one service, in the afternoon. We rent our building from another church, so we had to fit our schedule to theirs. The one afternoon service turned out well. We had a full house, with several visitors coming with our church family as part of their family Christmas celebration. Again, my husband clearly presented the Gospel. Various members had dinners in their homes, and we were invited to go to one of those. Praise the Lord for church family to celebrate with when our own family is far away!

An impromptu whistle choir learning that they are an impromptu whistle choir

Our sweet church family gave us a large basket of sweets and gifts as a token of their love for us. How fun it was to open that big basket and read the card with greetings from all our church family! They're a joy to serve with, and we praise the Lord for the opportunity to work with these people!

I hope your Christmas season was a joyful one, and I wish you a blessed New Year!

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