Monday, December 12, 2011

He's 23

Sam is 23 years old today.

Preaching in school last semester

As you know, our older son, Sam, graduated from West Coast Baptist College in May. This year he's earning his Master's Degree in Theology. He's still involved in much of the music around the campus, as well as the drama department and missionary prayer band. His latest endeavor has been playing some percussion (I guess that's what you'd call it) in the orchestra. He has played the cymbals and jingle bells and several other noise-making stick-type things that add some fun to the music. As most of the orchestra events are live-streamed, we get to see him in his tuxedo, banging, crashing, and jingling away. He gets teased a lot - especially the time he crashed the cymbals when it wasn't time - but he takes this role just as seriously as he does everything else in life. I've never seen a boy young man do everything he does so heartily! He's been like that since he was a little boy. Everything. Is. Serious. It serves him well, as he does well in almost anything he tries.

Sam is on the far right, but I'm not sure what he's playing
Sam is scheduled to begin working for the college next summer as a summer tour leader. He will be responsible for a tour group representing the college as they travel in a particular region of North America, and he'll do that each summer for the next 3-5 years or so. During the school year, he'll be teaching some speech classes and working in the music and drama departments. Sam had planned to do an internship at a church for several years before going to the mission field, but none of us had expected it to be at Lancaster Baptist Church, where he has attended college. After this period of internship, Sam will raise support to go to The Philippines as a missionary. I'm so pleased that he's given his life to the Lord, but I agree with several friends whose children are beginning to grow up and go into various ministries around the world: I would never stop him from going, but how am I going to let him go? If any of you wiser mothers have figured this out, please let me know!

Summer 2010 Tour Group

Most of our friends and family ask one question in relation to Sam, and that is, "Does he have a girlfriend?" The answer to that is, "Yes!" Her name is Juliana, and I've mentioned her several times on the blog. They've been dating for almost three years now. Both Sam and Juliana are surrendered to the Lord's will for their lives, and they're submitting themselves and their relationship to Him and their parents. Juliana seems to be a perfect match for our boy, and we're anxiously awaiting what the Lord will do in their lives!

Sam and Juliana on Thanksgiving

Twenty-three years ago today, I looked into the face of our first baby and tried to imagine what the years might hold for him. The Lord has done so much more than we could have asked or thought that day! He is our treasure, as are all our children, given back to the Lord the day he was born. Our constant prayer is that he will give himself continually to God and that we will see him faithful throughout his life to serve our God. Nothing - and I literally mean nothing - could bring us more joy than to know our son walks in Truth.

Preaching last semester

Happy Birthday, Samuel!!!!
Your dad and I love you beyond words! 

We have no idea. Just Sam being Sam.


  1. Praise the Lord. Happy birthday to your fine son!

  2. Happy birthday to Sam! Sounds like such a wonderful young man!


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