Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Listening

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I thought I'd take a minute to share with you the Christmas music we're listening to this year. In years past, it's been hard to find good, conservative Christmas music that honors the Lord unless it's on our own CDs. This year has been musically wonderful, with several good radio stations that we can listen to either on the computer, on Wes's iPhone, or my iPod in its docking station, which I love so much because it's like having a stereo!

The Number One internet radio station for Christmas music for me is Abiding Radio Christmas. I haven't been as pleased with it this year as I was last year, but only because they've added vocal selections to their programming. I prefer just the instrumental music! But it's all good, and I listen to this station quite a bit.

Wes likes to listen to the radio station of North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, California, KNVBC. They are playing strictly Christmas music, pre-empting all their regular broadcasting, through Christmas Day. This station has become our default station this week, as they are playing not only gospel and Christian Christmas music, but also some traditional secular favorites that are still conservative. No Santa Baby here!

A few very conservative Christian stations we've found this year, besides KNVBC:

The Lighthouse - a ministry of Souls Harbor Baptist Church, Milwaukee, WI. I've enjoyed this station all year. Could it be because they play music from several Christian colleges, including West Coast Baptist College, and one of that college's CDs (Look to God) has one of my sons singing on it?

Gospel 90.3 - a ministry of Landmark Baptist Church, Haines City, FL. Wes and I both enjoy this station for its classic, conservative gospel music. You'll hear more southern gospel and bluegrass here.

Heaven 88.7 - a ministry of Fargo Baptist Church, Fargo, ND. I haven't listened to this station very much, having just discovered it a few weeks ago, but I've looked at the church website and found it to be a fundamental Baptist church. The music I have listened to has been conservative and Christ-honoring.

Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN) - This radio station (plus much more!) is not a local-church ministry, but it is soundly fundamental. They play very conservative music, along with broadcasts of various ministries. They're featuring 31 Days of Christmas Music this month.

I'll be back tomorrow with links and video from Lancaster Baptist Church, where our children are attending college, of some their Christmas productions.

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