Thursday, December 01, 2011

Beth's Coming!

In just two more weeks, our daughter Beth is coming home for Christmas break! She and I are both pretty excited. The best part is that she will get to be here for three weeks! Her brothers will not get to be here for Christmas again this year, but they're coming on January 9 . . . three days after Beth leaves. The boys will just have one week at home, but I plan to enjoy every minute of every day that each of my children are here. I'm finding that being the mom of adults requires a lot of flexibility and learning to say, "It's ok. Come when you can."

Andrew, Beth, Sam after chapel

In the meantime, Beth has some exciting things going on at college. Her first formal banquet, the college Christmas Banquet, is a week from tomorrow night. She has a new dress that was given to her and altered by one of the girls on campus who sews. She found shoes on Black Friday that add a pop of color to her dress, but will go with other things she wears. They were $27 on Black Friday. She texted me and asked if she should buy those or a cheaper pair that she could only wear with her formal. I told her to get the more expensive ones, since she could wear them with other things. I assumed she bought them that day, but Monday night she sent a text that she had gone back to get them and they were marked down to $20! Sometimes it pays to wait.

Megan, Beth, Lauren

Beth will be going to the banquet with her friends Megan and Lauren, pictured above. Megan has become her closest friend this year, as they met and worked together on Blue Crew (the work-study cleaning crew) over the summer. Lauren is Megan's friend, and all three girls have become close over the semester. Beth also has friends from our time in Vancouver at the college. In fact, her best friends from Vancouver - minus one - are there with her.

Beth, Adrianna, Carmen: besties in Vancouver
Beth mentioned a bit ago that the dynamics of her friendships have changed since she got to college. The girls she was closest to in Vancouver have different classes and jobs - and boyfriends - so she doesn't see them as often as she had imagined she would, and she has made new friends who are in her classes and with whom she works. I never went to college, but I'm pretty sure that the changing dynamics are a normal thing. Each girl meets new people, has new experiences, and chooses her own path, and the relationships change . . . but they don't end! They're for life!

Some of the Vancouver girls out together: Hannah, Beth-Anne, Nina, Beth, Sharayah, Adrianna, Rizza

Beth works on campus in the office that handles WCBC's online programs. She's definitely learning new things, as she's learning to edit the videotaped class sessions before they go online. She's enjoying the job, and her office is just a couple doors down from Andrew's.

Andrew and Beth - Thanksgiving at a church family's house. This family hosted about 20-25 students for Thanksgiving, many of them missionary kids who couldn't go home for the holiday.

So . . . that's what's up with Beth. She's doing great and loving college. She especially loves her Christian Womanhood class, taught by Mrs. Rita Weaver, the dean of women. She tells me quite often of things she's learning in that class, and it makes me want to go and take the class with her! ;) She's involved in lots of music, too, singing in the church choir, college choir, and several ensembles. Every time I talk to her she has funny stories to tell from her classes and work, and how much she loves getting to sleep in till 6:45 some mornings! She's also learning to power nap just like her dad. College isn't all about book learning, is it?!


  1. I can tell you're excited to have Beth home for the holidays. I know you'll have a wonderful time. You're right about adjustments with having adult children...just wait 'till they are married and have kids of their get's even more complicated!

  2. Susan, thanks for posting an update on Beth!! I know you are SO looking forward to having her home. Seems like she's happy with her friends and keeping busy...and power napping! That word isn't even in my vocabulary--it takes me a long time to get to sleep even at bedtime--I could never nap on the fly! LOL!

  3. Sounds like she's doing really well! I'm glad your kids get to come home soon for a visit. :o)

  4. Sounds exciting! Sounds like she's adjusting well. You're right a lot of things do change in college, but it is definitely a learning and growing experience.

    I know what you mean about being the parents of adults and having to be flexible. Jeremy is coming home for Christmas a day before Jason and Mittu leave to go see her mom, so they'll only have that one day together. But we did have a great time over Thanksgiving, and he's coming back for Jesse's graduation in May, so it won't as long a stretch as we had last year without seeing him.

  5. Deborah ~ I'm sure it does get more complicated after children come along! That's why I'll wait to worry about it till then! LOL

    Deb ~ Napping on the fly is Wes's specialty: he is the King of the Power Nappers! ;)

    Michele ~ I'm grateful for every chance I get to see my children. I never expected us to be apart so much of the time when they were in college, but those pesky jobs just keep getting in the way.

    Barbara ~ Those long stretches get hard! They make me so thankful for the times we do have together.

  6. SO excited that Beth is coming home! I'm not at that point yet... but could imagine that would make Momma very happy to see her daughter. Hope you guys have a wonderful time together:)


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