Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Update

Just a quick post to let you know what's going on here. The main thing I have happening is physical therapy for tendinitis/frozen shoulder. I've had pain in my shoulder and upper arm for about 5 months. I kept thinking it would get better with time, but it only got worse. I did some research and was pretty sure, by the time I finally went to the doctor, that I had tendinitis. I went on Monday. He prescribed an anti-inflammatory (Naproxen) and referred me to a physiotherapist, whom I saw today. He gave me a list of exercises that will increase my range of motion, and I go back Monday to see him again.

Physical therapy was quite an experience! Of course, he did the expected things like moving my shoulder around to see where it hurt and where it wouldn't go (it won't go far!). He also manipulated the actual shoulder socket, and one time surprised me with a twist that brought on quite a bit of pain. After that, I wasn't as relaxed anymore, so the second twist hurt more than the first one, and I noticed my legs were drenched in sweat. After all the stretching, poking, and manipulating, he hooked me up to a machine that delivers electrical impulses to the area to increase circulation. That felt pretty good. Then a lady brought a heat pack for my shoulder and let me relax for 15 minutes - pure heaven!

It's up to me now to do those range-of-motion exercises. They do hurt, but hopefully by Monday there will be some improvement. I won't be able to make many visits to the therapist; PT is not covered by our provincial medical insurance. So I need to improve quickly to take full advantage of the few visits we can afford!

I'd appreciate your prayers for a quick recovery. It's not serious, but it's inconvenient not to be able to go about my daily activities without pain. I'll be back soon!


  1. Check out the internet for a few exercises you can do for this. I had some that I felt hit the spot better than others. One was just climbing up the wall (just my fingers)as far as I could go and stop when I hit the most painful place. Hope this helps.

  2. Ouch! Hope it starts feeling better soon.

  3. I've had that too. I never went to the doctor for it, but looked it up online and took the same med as you. It took a LONG time, over a year, but the pain did lessen. I sure hope yours does. :o)

  4. When I had physio for my back they used the same machine, as well as the heat. Recently, my husband went online and ordered a mini massager that works the same way...the pins and needles's wonderful! I fall can fall asleep with it on my back! It cost about $100 but it is worth it, and we make it up with saving on chiropractor visits. Hope your shoulder heals quickly!

  5. Oh no! I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    To help manage the pain, perhaps you could look into Formula 303. It really works so well for me, I've had back spasms several times and it has helped with that. A few days ago I slipped down my basement stairs and ended up sitting down hard on a step, my back banging against the step above. I took some Formula 303 and it helped ease the pain. I know that this sounds like an advertisement for Formula 303 but I promise you I am not affiliated with the company in any sort of way. ;-)

  6. Rita ~ I've been looking at exercises online, but wanted to make sure with the therapist that they were safe to do. I don't trust everything I find online! ;) The walking up the wall exercise is pretty common - thanks!

    Barbara ~ I'm already feeling a little better range of movement, although the pain is still pretty strong.

    Michele ~ I've been reading a lot and have found that many months to even 3 years or so is typical for complete healing from this. I wish I knew what had caused it so I won't do it again!

    Deborah ~ That machine was awesome! LOL I was a bit afraid at first, but once it started working, I was very happy. I hope he'll use it again on Monday. And the hot pack! ;)

    Tammy ~ Thanks for the recommendation! I will check into it. I only have 3 weeks' worth of Naproxen, and it's a pretty strong NSAID, so I would appreciate something else. I have a friend here who is freaking out over my taking an NSAID! LOL

  7. I've been on Naproxen for my back for almost 2 years. I'd rather not take it, but I need it for the pain. And ibuprofen is an NSAID as well and most of us have taken that.

    I have a small TENS unit I use for my back too, it does help sometimes and they are readily available if you want when when your therapy is gone.

    I don't know what causes the shoulder problems but A LOT of people are having this, it seems, so I wonder if it is computer related or something.

  8. Michele ~ My friend has read all the warnings about NSAIDS and has known people (someone?) who had their kidneys shut down using Naproxen. I know the risks of this class of drugs, but I can't live in fear.

    I took ibruprofen for a few months about 20 years ago and ended up with stomach pain. This time around I just have horrible heartburn. The pharmacist recommended Pepcid for that. Do you have any stomach problems from it?

    After doing some reading and talking to the physical therapist, I'm becoming more sure that my shoulder problem is computer-related. I use a laptop, so my arm is at an odd angle to use the touchpad when I sit on the couch to use it - which is my favorite place to relax and read blogs! So I'm finding new ways to sit and spending less time online. He said posture has a lot to do with shoulder problems, because of how the socket fits together. Bad posture makes things rub together in there that are supposed to move freely.

  9. Hi Susan...sooo sorry that you're having to go through this! The same thing is happening at our house! My husband's neck...x-rays show early arthritis...probably from using the computer in his job day after day! So he's doing his neck exercises all over the house! I can relate!

    I used to take naproxen for my bad knee. It definitely helped, but then out of the blue I turned allergic to it...swollen lips and hard to breathe and a trip to I don't take it anymore. Maybe that was a blessing in disguise.

    I'll be praying for you to get some relief!


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