Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday in Review: The November Edition

What's been going on at People's Baptist Church?

November has been Stewardship Month, so my husband has been preaching on stewarding our resources for the Lord: not just our money, but also our time and our talents. I really enjoyed the two lessons he taught on Wednesday nights on time management, using the acronym TIME:

Treasure: time is a treasure, because time is the stuff our lives are made of.
Invest: we should invest our time in activities that have eternal value, rather than squandering it on trivial things
Manage: learn to manage our time to take care of our top priorities and fit in the smaller things too
Enjoy: enjoy our time!

We have our ladies' meeting the second Monday of each month. I've been teaching through the lessons in Holy Women by James Knox. I like this series of lessons because, unlike many Bible studies, this one is taken directly from Scripture with very little commentary. It allows for each lady to be guided by the Holy Spirit in her study, rather than having the study author telling her what the Scripture means. The ladies receive their lesson one month in advance, and they answer the questions for the lesson throughout the month, hopefully coming to the meeting ready to discuss the lesson. We have had some excellent discussions from the first three lessons, focusing on Titus 2 and Proverbs 31. At first, they were a bit unsure about doing their own lessons ahead of time, but I've heard from one lady that she is now enjoying the lessons more and learning so much from them on her own even before the meeting. This is the result I'd hoped for when I began these lessons!

We have our teens over once a quarter for SNAC (Sunday Night After Church), and last night was our last one for this year. Things were a bit hectic, as we had guests for dinner yesterday afternoon, then the teens over last night, but it all worked out great. I fixed three pizzas, a veggie tray, a tray of grapes and orange slices, and cupcakes. Wes and the youth director took the kids upstairs in our condo building to the media room, where there was plenty of room, to play games, while our youth director's wife and I got the food ready. When the got down to our apartment, they were ready to eat, and eat they did! There were a few straggling carrot sticks left and that was about it! I'm glad they feel at home enough to eat heartily in our house! Wes challenged them to make stewardship a personal thing for them now, while they are young - especially using their time and talents as young people.

So that's what's been happening at PBC this month. December promises to be super busy as we add in some extra Christmas activities - caroling, parties for the teens, children, and adults, a special ladies' fellowship party, a Christmas program. I'm sure your churches are busy next month too. December offers lots of opportunities to present the Gospel, and many people will listen a bit more closely during the Christmas season. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. The Bible study sounds interesting. I prefer Bible-based, Bible-saturated ones, too.

    SNAC sounds like fun!


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