Monday, November 07, 2011

Praying For My Cousin

I have a somewhat distant cousin who is sick. His father was my grandmother's baby brother. So what does that make us? Second cousins? I'm not sure.

Anyway, my cousin's name is DeWayne Poss. I haven't seen him in quite a few years. He lives in Georgia, and we reconnected on Facebook a few years ago. About a year ago, DeWayne was diagnosed with rectal cancer. He went through all the surgery, radiation and chemo, and the first of October this year was told that all was clear.

A couple of weeks later, though, his oncologist called him back to say that there was something he didn't like in one of the reports. DeWayne went back to the doctor, only to find out that his cancer had returned. Within a week, he re-started chemotherapy. A couple of days later, DeWayne was admitted to the hospital in pain. After some tests, doctors determined that there was a new tumor blocking his colon. The decision was made to stop all treatments, although DeWayne did decide to have intestinal bypass surgery to enable him to eat. During that surgery, which was a week ago Saturday, doctors found much cancer.

DeWayne came home from the hospital Friday. He finally got to eat today. He had ice cream! That's my kind of meal right there! :) The prayer today was that the ice cream would set well with him. Apparently it did, because I heard he had several bowls of it during the day.

DeWayne has a wife and a teenaged daughter, as well as his mom, a brother, and two sisters. Would you please pray for them in the days ahead? From what I've heard, DeWayne is in good spirits, and above all, he and his family want Christ to be glorified by his life. He has had an outstanding testimony during this time of illness! I don't know that I'd have the grace he has shown if I were faced with his circumstances.

One thing I do know: I know, as DeWayne does, that if I were faced with a life-threatening illness, I am sure that Heaven is my final destination. I know that DeWayne would want people to know the Gospel, above anything else, through his experience. What would you do if you were facing eternity within a short time? Would you be sure you'd go to Heaven? If you're not sure, please read my testimony to find out how you can know for sure!

DeWayne's sister, Sandy, wanted me to also remind you that colon/rectal cancer can be detected early through screenings beginning at age 40 and every 10 years thereafter. Early detection, as with most cancers, is crucial to successful treatment.

I've asked you all for prayer before, and I always appreciate it. I know that DeWayne and his family will also appreciate your prayers! Thanks!


  1. Just took a moment to pray...

  2. Thank you, Barbara!

  3. Stopping right now to pray for DeWayne and his family.

    (He is your first cousin once removed, you are second cousins with his children.)

  4. Thank you, Tammy, for both the prayers and the info on just what kind of cousins we are! ;)


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