Saturday, November 19, 2011

In Our Home This Week

Good Saturday evening! I hope your week has been a great one. Here are a few highlights from ours:
  • We went to the Remembrance Day ceremony at the park near our house last Friday. Canadians are very serious about remembering their veterans; each ceremony draws large crowds, and everyone is very quiet and respectful during the prayers and hymns. Canadians are not perceived as very patriotic by many Americans, but we've seen a different side of the culture on Remembrance Day! Here are a couple of pictures from the ceremony:

  • You already know about my shoulder and the physiotherapy I'm doing to make it better. After just a few days of the stretching exercises, I'm already noticing a difference in its range of movement! I'm so happy! The Naproxen seems to be hurting my stomach a little. Yesterday and today I got vague stomach aches - not sick, just a good old-fashioned tummy ache! I also had some trouble with heartburn and reflux the first couple of days, but an antacid has completely cleared that up. The pain from my shoulder has lessened, but it's not gone, by any means. I have more energy now that I don't hurt so much!
  • We had a family game night at the church last night. It was tons of fun, but horribly noisy! I don't know why it bothered me so much, but it was like fingernails on a chalkboard all evening! We took our Wii and a few games. Others brought board and card games. Our youth director found a ping-pong table at a yard sale this summer for $1.00, so we set that up (we have to be careful not to lean on it, but otherwise it's fine!). Everybody brought some snacks, and we just did as we pleased for two hours. Everyone said they had a great time, so we'll probably be doing that one again! I'll take ear plugs.
  • I made these Gingerbread Pancakes this morning. They were so good! I loved the bit of orange zest sprinkled on top, and I added just a little dollop of whipped cream to mine. Wes ate his as he eats all pancakes: with peanut butter. And they smelled heavenly while they were cooking!
  • We had some excitement in our condo building this morning. A representative of the strata management knocked on our door and informed us that there had been a break-in in the (secure) underground parking, and upon checking all the cars, found ours to be unlocked, although it didn't appear that anything was missing. The RCMP asked Wes to come down and check to make sure everything was there, and it was. We rarely leave our car unlocked, but last night was one of those times we did! As it turns out, that may have saved our windows being smashed. Five cars had their windows smashed in, and a couple of them had things stolen from them. Wes thinks maybe ours being unlocked kept the thief/vandal from smashing the windows to get into the car. It creeps me out to think someone may have been in our car, but I'm so thankful that it wasn't damaged!
  • If you actually come to my blog to read it, as opposed to reading it in your email or Google Reader, you may notice that I've added some pages at the top. I've put my testimony and how we came to Canada up there, and I've moved my affiliate links and Etsy shops onto their own pages. If you click on the page tabs for the shops, the link will take you directly to the appropriate shop. I've also added a page to an Amazon a-store that I've set up. It's full of books, home decor, and craft items that you might find interesting, and you can search for anything else you might want that isn't listed. If you're planning to do some Christmas shopping on Amazon, I'd love for you to take a look at my store or one of my affiliate links, either Amazon or Christianbook.
I'm planning to add another page or two, so watch for those in the near future!

How was your week? Did you do anything fun or unusual?

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  1. I am getting that way with noisiness, too. Our church had a Fall Festival yesterday, part of it was a version of Minute to Win It. It was so noisy at the beginning I wasn't sure I could stand it.

    Glad you car was ok!


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