Saturday, November 05, 2011

In Our Home This Week

Sorry I've been MIA this week. I'm always thinking, "I need to blog about that!" and then I get busy doing something else (this week it's been reading, sewing, and working on my Etsy shop) and don't get back to my dashboard to write anything. I do read your blogs, though, and enjoy keeping up with friends and family on Facebook.

I had one customer in my shop this week, and she bought the last three items I had in there! I was so thankful for those sales, because I didn't have any money of my own left to buy new supplies with. Now I can stock up and start sewing again.

Last week, we had our good friends, Stu and Donna Schepers, visiting with us. They went separate ways last Thursday, then came back here late Sunday night to sleep and were on their way back to Oklahoma to get their children on Monday. We really really enjoyed their visit! Do you have friends that, no matter how long it's been since you've seen them, you just pick right up where you left off? Friends who you can be totally comfortable with? Friends who recharge you? That's Stew and Donna for us. I told Donna she pushed my reset button. She's our former pastor's daughter, so we've known her for almost 22 years now, and we've known Stu since he came sniffin' around looking for a wife when they were in college together! ;) They're missionaries in the Dominican Republic, home on furlough till February. I'm so glad the Lord allowed them to come up here and visit with us!

This week began the Week of Birthdays in my family! My mom's birthday was Wednesday, my brother Ben's is today, and my dad's is Tuesday. My sister has several children with November birthdays, as is her husband's. I also have a sister-in-law on Wes's side of the family with a birthday in November. For my mom's birthday, my sister in NC drove down with her family with balloons and cake, and some of my brother's children were there too. Mother got to have about half of her grandchildren and three of her five children with her. It was a milestone birthday, and the party was special for her! Happy Birthday to all my November loved ones!
My Mom a few weeks ago on vacation in the mountains. Can you believe, out of all the pics of her b-day party, I didn't find one of her?! LOL So this one will have to do. I think she looks so good in this color!

Wes booked Beth's flight to come home for Christmas break! She arrives on December 15th and gets to stay till January 6th. I'm hoping Andrew will get to come home for a few days in January, and Sam . . . we haven't heard definitely from him if he'll get to come home at all for Christmas.

Sam is preaching in Albuquerque, NM this weekend for a church's Open House. I still have trouble remembering he's a grown young man of 22. I still think of him as around 16 or so. Do all mothers do that with their grown children? I think of him traveling and immediately start wondering if he knows how to navigate the airport, or if he'll drive safely. That's ridiculous! The boy has traveled far more than I have, even to Japan. So I should only worry about the other crazy people out there, right?!

Finally, here's a video. It's the Missionary Kid Ensemble from Lancaster Baptist Church's Missions Conference two weeks ago. Sam and Beth are singing in it, and Andrew is controlling one of the cameras. Sam is the male soloist, and Beth is the last girl on the right. A couple of other young people of interest are Juliana Harris (in a black sweater & gray skirt), the second girl to introduce herself; she is Sam's girlfriend. The fourth girl past her is Adrianna Mackay (in a pink sweater and a scarf), the daughter of our good friends in Vancouver, and one of Beth's best friends. Juliana's younger sister, Jessica, is just past Adrianna. I cry each year as the MK group sings, because they represent regular families like ours serving the Lord all over the world. I hope you'll enjoy their song!


  1. Yes, we do have friends like that. We don't keep up as often as we'd like, but we pick up where we left off easily.

    It's so neat the college does a song with MKs like that!

  2. Barbara ~~ I have several friends like that, and I thank the Lord for them! That MK ensemble is very popular with the MK parents spread all over the world! ;)

  3. Hi Susan ~ I've kept this post bookmarked until I could listen to the singing, which I was able to do this evening. It was SO good seeing Beth in the choir! I enjoyed their music. Thanks for posting that!


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