Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We Did and We Still Do!

Twenty-seven years ago today, around 7:20 in the evening, my dad looked at me and asked, 

"Do you?" 

I said, 

"I do!"

He turned to Wes and asked, 

"Do you?"

Wes said, 

"I do!"

And we've been doing ever since!

My dad and me, ready to walk down the aisle
It hasn't always been sunshine and roses.

It hasn't always been smooth sailing.

We've had our times of 

richer and poorer, 

sickness and health.

Through it all, we've just kept doing . . . 

and here we are, 27 years later

still determined to keep on doing

till death do us part!

Happy Anniversary
to my
wonderful companion,
faithful friend,
only love!


  1. Awwww -- what a sweet and creative post! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Aww, how wonderful! :) Happy anniversary!

  5. Happy, happy 27th anniversary, Susan and Wes. I hope your day was extra special celebrating together.


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