Monday, October 03, 2011

Two New Names . . .

I mentioned this morning that Wes was starting a Bible study with a young couple that has been visiting our church for a couple of weeks. Their first meeting was tonight. As he was giving his testimony as a bit of introduction to the study, one of them mentioned that the evangelist we had last week had kept saying the date when he had gotten saved, and now Wes was telling them about his salvation. Long story short, neither of them could remember a definite time when they had realized they were sinners, repented, and asked the Lord to save them. Wes said he knew of only one way to fix that . . . and after having the Gospel presented clearly, they each asked Christ to save them!
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 How it thrills my heart to hear of two new names written in the Book of Life!!!
(Revelation 21:27)


  1. And the angels rejoice when just one comes to know the Lord....
    Thanks for sharing this encouraging and exciting news!

  2. What a blessing! Two new names "written down in glory"!

  3. Praise the Lord, Susan! I'm guessing Wes came home pretty excited!

  4. Becky ~ Imagine the rejoicing last night! :)

    Mrs. T ~ That song has been running through my mind ever since Wes got home and told me!

    Deb ~ Wes is hard to read, so at first I thought he was just telling me how the evening went. Halfway through I realized where he was going, and then we both laughed and got excited! LOL

  5. Wonderful! Praise the Lord!


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