Tuesday, October 18, 2011

As Promised, Just Way Later

I promised pictures of our new place, but I just got around to taking said pictures today! Is "better late than never" fitting for this situation? At least we haven't moved again before I took pictures, unlike our last house.

We are truly enjoying our new home. It is much smaller than we've had in a long time, but we both love it. We've even had some decent-size groups over. I think the most we've had in here is 15, but that included children who were scattered around playing. So far there's been enough space that we haven't felt crowded, and the living area is open and light, so it doesn't feel cramped. You can see the before-moving-in pictures here.

The living room, from the front door. We had to take the arm off the larger sofa, on the right, to get it in the building and up to our suite!      
The kitchen, just inside the front door and to the right. I have to keep it clean and neat, because it's the first thing you see when you come in.

My view from the kitchen sink.

The fireplace in the living room. It's electric, and we can have heat and flames, or just flames. I really enjoy the ambience of the flames without the heat! And this is the most realistic fake fire we've ever had! All it needs is an occasional popping sound to make it seem like the real deal.
This is one spot where kids enjoy playing. That bottom shelf of books is for them, and the closet next to the bookcase holds games, toy cars and toy horses. We have found horses in some very unexpected places after children have left! ;)
Our bedroom has turned out very cozy. I love the little nook where I have my mother's cedar chest! I have just moved my geraniums inside for the winter, and this is a nice sunny spot for them and some other plants.
I have my own bathroom for the first time! We have two baths, so Wes took one and I took one. This one has a shower and a bath, which you can catch a glimpse of in the mirror. I've tried to girly it up with flowers and candles and bath stuff, and I'm loving it!
Here's our little study/craft room. It's still a bit of a mess, mainly because he's in here most of the day, and he's studying all day on Wednesday and Saturday. I have managed to decorate a tiny bit, and my sewing machine is set up on the table next to my desk there. I really should get in here and finish this room so we can both work efficiently in here.
I almost forgot the dining area! Our table and chairs fit just right in this area, and even when the table is expanded, there's still enough room that we're not cramped.
I wanted to show you the cabinets. I absolutely love this style! Every cabinet and door in the house is this style. It's just enough country to be cozy, but modern enough to look nice. All the cabinets and doors are also bright white, which keeps me on my toes, especially in the kitchen. The other day I made chocolate pudding. That was interesting cleaning up in an all-white kitchen! Overall I love the look, though, and feel very blessed to have such a nice place to call home.
I hope you've enjoyed your tour of our new home. I'm totally amazed by God's blessings in giving us such a nice place to live after I was so hesitant to move. I hope we'll keep this address longer than one year, mainly because I just. don't. want. to move. again. For a long time.


  1. Your new place looks great! Thanks for giving us a tour!

  2. It's a nice place! I like how you've decorated.

  3. Your new home is so *lovely* and cosy. You've decorated everything so nicely too. Thanks for the tour!

  4. Very, very nice! It looks very homey. I love how you've set everything up. My m-i-l has that plaque with the hearts and sayings about love from I Cor. 13.

    I love that the fireplace is in a corner. I had never heard of one that does flames without heat. Ours isn't very realistic looking and heats up the family room too fast, so we don't use it often, but I still like the look of it plus I like having the mantel to place things on.

    I don't have my sewing/craft room completely set up, either, and we've been here a year. :-)

  5. Your new home looks so country and cozy. So happy for you both.

  6. Hi Susan,
    It looks beautiful and perfect for you two:)


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