Monday, September 05, 2011

We're Still Alive

I must apologize for not being around sooner! In addition to our move, my computer died. I was using another computer we had, but it died too. Wes has needed his computer to study for preaching, and when he wasn't using it, I was too tired to care to be online. So I've only done the minimum of online things the past week.

We are in our condo and most everything is unpacked. All I have left to do is decorate. Wes still has a few things in our office/craft room combo to unpack and put away, and then we'll set ourselves to the task of sharing that office/craft room. Bren asked in the comments if Wes knows that he'll just have one little corner of that room, and I think he's realizing that I do have a bit much! ;) I think we'll get it figured out.

We're adjusting to more noise over here. Not in the condo, but outside. Our former neighborhood was in a completely residential area, but our new one is a combined business & residential area. There's a busy shopping center across the street, and we're on the corner of a busy main thoroughfare. It's not horrible, but it's no the nice quiet residential area we were used too either. We've met a few of our neighbors and they've been friendly and welcoming, and the most noise we've heard inside our condo is the upstairs neighbors walking around.

I'm especially enjoying our balcony! I love to sit out there to read or just watch the traffic go by, and the view - once you overlook the buildings across the street - is of the rolling hills to the east of the city. There are vineyards on those hills, making soft patches of dark green against the hills. The hills are golden this time of year, with stands of evergreens near the top. They're beautiful, and I just love looking at them. Once I get a new computer, I'll post some pictures.

We're just relaxing today. Last week (really the past month) has been amazingly busy for us, and we both hope to never have such a busy one again. So today we slept late and lazed around for the morning. We plan to barbeque some ribs in a little bit. I hope you're enjoying your Labor Day too!


  1. I'm glad you had a relaxing day after all the busyness!

  2. So glad that you got moved in!
    How's Sarah feeling? Any baby yet? Tell her that I'm praying for her to have a quick delivery, and a healthy, sleepy baby:)

  3. Barbara ~ It so nice to just relax, but it felt so odd after being so busy! LOL Today was back to life as usual, which is the way I like it.

    Kristy ~ Sarah is 4 days overdue now. She was having contractions off and on up till last week, and now . . . nothing. She is feeling so heavy - you know how that is. It won't be long now, though. Susan B. had her baby today! Did you see that on Facebook?

  4. Moving is such a chore...but getting everything in place and unpacked is so wonderful.

    Praying for that settled in and at home feeling....


  5. Good to hear from you again - sorry for the computer woes...they are so frustrating!! Hope your week has gone just as well as your nice weekend did...and how were those ribs??:)

  6. Susan, I read your posts about your move with great interest, since (God willing) I will be moving next year. I'm starting to look for a new place, collect moving boxes, slowly cleaning out bookshelves, closets and drawers and work up a list of things to do before moving.

    I am so thankful that you found a place that you really like. I hope it works out even better than you hope. I enjoyed seeing the pictures you posted several days ago. It will be fun to see how you decorate the new place!


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