Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday In Review: September 25, 2011

Sunday started our Fall Revival. We have Evangelist Randy Chovan preaching this week, along with his wife, Grace, and their son, Jonathan. We first met them when we lived in Vancouver, about 2005, when Bro. Chovan preached for a friend of ours there. Wes booked him to come to our church in North Vancouver in 2007 and 2009, and when we moved to Kelowna, he asked Bro. Chovan to come here this year. He is preaching a series through Wednesday night on gaining victory over sin. Both sermons today were evangelistic as well as practical, and I’m really looking forward to the next three nights!

Our attendance yesterday was up again after a slump over the summer. We’ve had several new people coming lately, and it’s so good to see the Lord bringing people in the door as we are faithful to knock on doors and try to witness throughout the week. We had a family visit today that drove over two hours to get here because there is no fundamental Baptist church any closer (never believe that there is no need for missionaries in Canada!). Their area has been on my husband’s heart to start a Bible study in, and he is making tentative plans to start that in the next few months. We’ve had a young couple visiting the past few weeks too, and they are interested in a Bible study with Wes. We also have a family of ten coming faithfully each week. They are already saved and moved into Kelowna this year. They’ve jumped right into friendships with our people, and we’re so glad to have them coming!

Our bus ministry was low over the summer too, but the attendance has jumped back up to the 40s since school started back. Did I tell you about the mom of a couple of our bus riders getting saved this summer? When I first met Ruby she told me point-blank that she was angry with God. We began praying for her as a church sometime around April. She began coming to a service now and then, and we began to see a change in her. On Wednesday night, July 6th, Ruby came down the aisle weeping and saying she needed to be saved. One of our ladies dealt with her, and about 20 minutes later she was wonderfully saved! She kept repeating, “I can’t believe He forgave me!” What a blessing she has been! Her fiance, a self-proclaimed agnostic, has been coming to church with her, and he has been very open to forming friendships with some of our church family.He’s also begun asking questions and showing an interest in Bible study. We’re praying that he will be saved soon.

Continue to pray for our revival this week. We’d love to see some people saved! We also need a spirit of revival among ourselves. I can’t wait to see what God will do this week!


  1. Sounds like things are going really well and I pray your revival produces revival in people's hearts. We're having one soon too. :o)

  2. Things are going well right now! We are just thrilled to have new people coming. The Lord is blessing our efforts to win souls! I hope your revival goes well! We had a great one in January, and I'm hoping this one will be just as good.


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