Saturday, September 24, 2011

Showering a Baby

My husband asked if we finally got the baby clean last night!

We had a sweet shower for our friend. Everything was done simply, but we had such a good time together. Mama got a nice mixture of practical (high chair, stroller, diapers) and fun (polka-dotted dresses and vintage hankie bonnets) gifts for Baby. We had a hilarious time with Baby Shower Bingo and Baby Shower Purse Game (you would be amazed at what some ladies carry in their purses!). Each mother shared what she loves most about motherhood, and we enjoyed lots of laughter and fellowship loving on our dear friend. Baby slept the entire time, even being shuffled to every woman there and enduring our chatter and laughter! Baby showers are one of the fun parts of ministry!

As I was doing my last-minute shopping yesterday, I was looking for a cupcake stand. There was a cardboard one at the “Dollar” store for $8.00, but it said Happy Birthday rather than It’s a Girl, like I thought it did when I glanced at it a few weeks ago. So I stopped in a Winners, which is similar to Ross or TJ Maxx in the States, to see if they might have one. I found a small one there that holds 13 cupcakes . . . and it was only $9.00. Let’s see . . .  cardboard for $8.00 to use it once . . . or metal for $9.00 to use over and over again? I got the metal one! Winking smile

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of the decorations and food.






  1. I have never seen a watermelon done like that! That is so cute! Looks like a great success all around.

  2. Husbands are so funny! :o) And I LOVE that watermelon baby carriage, so CUTE!

  3. Barbara ~ I had seen those watermelons, but wouldn't even know how to start making one. So when one of the ladies mentioned that she does them, I asked if she would be willing to make one for the shower. I thought it turned out great!

    Michele ~ My husband uses that joke for EVERY shower I go to! LOL The watermelon carriage was a hit. I thought it turned out really cute.

  4. Looks so nice, Susan! Now... I want to see the little one:0) Missed you last week! It was a busy, blessing of a week.

  5. Kristy ~ I would love nothing more than to post a picture of the baby, but her parents don't want her picture online. I'll tell Sarah you'd like to see a picture of her, though!

    I missed seeing you, too! Hopefully we can all go next year. Did they announce where it will be next year?


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