Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Think I'm Back!

I mentioned last week that my computer had died and we were waiting for a new one. It finally came  Friday morning. It was an incentive from our new internet provider for switching to their service, which came in handy since the computer I'd been using for four years was on its last leg. We were a little afraid it would be a cheapo, not-too-great one, but it turns out to be a full-size, genuine HP; Wes says it's the best computer in the family. Yay!

I've spent all weekend and the first of the week getting my new computer all set up the way I want it (mostly), and now I'm hopefully going to be more faithful to my blogging. Although we're still pretty busy, all the insanity of the summer is past. I think we're settled down to just regular, everyday living now, with the occasional special church event coming up over the next few months.

One of the best things that's happened recently is the birth of our youth director and his wife's first baby a week ago today! We are thrilled to pieces to have this sweet little baby girl nearby! Mama had a rough pregnancy and delivery, so she's a bit thrilled to have Baby here too! ;)

Pictures of the house are on the bloggy to-do list. Starting a new quilt project . . . or two. Devotions on Wednesdays. Sunday in Review starting back up next Monday (Fall Revival starts this Sunday!).

Looking forward to fall and settling in for the winter. I'll be back later!

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