Monday, August 22, 2011

This & That

Hi! It’s been a couple of weeks or so since I posted last, so I thought I’d catch you up on what’s going on here.

  • We had VBS two weeks ago. Our average attendance was around 65. We had six children/teens saved during the week (we had children during the day and teens at night), and Wes ended up with a buzzed head, made possible by the children bringing their penny offerings. The kids loved it!
  • Andrew was home to run the morning children’s program for VBS. He did an awesome job! I was so proud as I watched him interact with the children during the more active times, and then teach the lesson each day. He was wiped out the first two days; he came home and slept all afternoon on Monday and Tuesday. By Tuesday night he was himself again. We sure enjoyed having him home, but it was such a short week! He arrived late on one Saturday and left early the next. Sigh.
  • We went to Family Camp last week, Monday through Friday. It was held at the same place as the Pastors’ Wives Retreat I went to in June. Family Camp was like a vacation with your church family! Four families and one single lady attended from our church, plus Wes and me. The theme of the preaching was on The Word of God, and a different pastor spoke each evening on one aspect of reading/studying/memorizing the Bible. Our devotions each morning reviewed the previous night’s message, and we had a dedicated prayer time right after lunch each day when we shared prayer requests and prayed together. There was lots of activity going on, too: volleyball, badminton, ring toss, canoeing, swimming, fishing. And for those who didn’t want to do anything, that was perfectly fine too. I used the time to read and study and just sit on the lake shore and chill out. Next year I’ll take a handcraft of some sort – cross stitch or knitting/crochet – just to give myself a little variety. We all had a blast and can’t wait till next year!
  • Sam hiked the Grand Canyon last Monday as an end-of-summer-tour blast. Except it wasn’t a blast. He and his tour mates hiked 6 miles to the bottom of the Canyon and then 6 miles back up. At the top, Sam got sick. He also had huge blisters on his feet and they were cramping severely. He then texted me that he couldn’t move, which totally freaked me out, so Wes called him to make sure he wasn’t dying. He was fine, just totally, completely beat. He was fine the next day, other than his feet still cramping. I think it took a while for the cramping to stop, but he seems to be fine now. He’s back in Lancaster getting ready for his last year of school – he’s getting his Master’s Degree.
  • One of the girls in Beth’s dorm found a kitten in the bushes one day last week. It now resides in a box on their balcony, waiting for a new home. Beth doesn’t even like cats, but she said this one is just so soft and cuddly she can’t resist! I just laughed. Does anyone want a Siamese kitty named Frito? Beth did not name it, by the way! She gets her permanent dorm room assignment for the year tonight and will move in tomorrow. We’re hoping she’ll get to room with Sam’s girlfriend, Juliana, who is getting her Master’s this year too.
  • This week we are packing (loosely) for our move into our condo. We will pick up the keys – and pay the rent – on Thursday afternoon. We plan to move gradually over the weekend, like taking over all the non-essential kitchen stuff and put it away, things like that. On Monday we’ll move the furniture, then clean our current house one last time. We got an email from the agent today that said she had good news and bad news. Bad news: the dishwasher leaks. Good news: we get a new dishwasher! I told Wes to ask if anything else is leaking! LOL
  • We’re having a yard sale Saturday. Several of our church families are throwing in their things too, so it should be a pretty good sale. One lady is bringing her fabric stash to put in. That’s going to be hard for me not to buy for myself! Wes just rolled his eyes when I said I wanted to buy some fabric that’s being put in our yard sale. Getting rid of our stuff and buying more . . . isn’t that what it’s all about?!

So that’s our past couple of weeks. They’ve been incredibly busy, and will continue to be busy for another week or two, but busy is good. It keeps me out of trouble!


  1. Wow, busy indeed! Glad things are going well overall for everyone

  2. Sounds busy... but good. Praying for you as you move.

  3. Hi Susan! It's been awhile since i've read blogs so this catch-up post was good for me to find out everything that's been going on! I hope your moving-in experience is a good one and that all goes well! Congrats on 7 years in Canada and your permanent residence papers!


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