Saturday, August 06, 2011

Some Pictures

Here are a few pictures of the condo. Please keep in mind that the former tenant has not cleaned up yet. You will see some trash littering the floors; the rest of it you can’t tell just from the pictures. Suffice it to say she has a lot of work to do!



From the front door, immediately to the right, is the dining area & kitchen. I was standing in the dining area taking this pic. You can see how long the kitchen is, and the pantry at the back. Wes is talking with the owner’s agent.



Straight ahead of the front door is the living room and balcony. The door on the far right is to the second bedroom. To the far left, barely in the picture, is the small hallway to the master bedroom.



From where I’m standing in the kitchen you can see the little dining area in the front, just beyond the cabinets, the front door on the left, the laundry room at the back left and linen closet on the right. There’s also a coat closet beyond the entry that you can’t see, to the left of the laundry room.



The master bedroom. Again, very messy, but we have the promise that it will all be clean before we move in.



The master bath.



Second bedroom, where Wes and I will share office/crafting space. I’m actually getting my stuff organized this time and hope to make this a workable space for both of us.



The second bath. This is entered either from the living room or the second bedroom via a walk-through closet.



In the living room looking toward the front door, you can see the dimensions of the dining area a bit better. Just enough room for our table and chairs!

I’ll show the “after” pictures when we’re in and have furniture in – and it’s clean.


  1. Wow, it's great! The Lord sure did come through for ya. enjoy!

  2. Ohhh! Looks nice... happy that you found a place:)

    I sure hope you guys come in September.... there's gonna be a special thing for Pastor's Wives!!

  3. Wow Susan, it looks *really* nice! And it will be very easy to keep clean. (o:

  4. Tori ~ He sure did! :)

    Kristy ~ I'm pretty sure we'll still get to come. We're both looking forward to it!

    Michele ~ I think it will be easy to keep clean. If we can keep our clutter at bay. Ahem. The floors and lino and berber, so easy care stuff.

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing how you make it uniquely yours!

  6. The condo is really pretty.Love the color on the walls! Looking forward to seeing more pictures after yall get moved in.


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