Friday, August 26, 2011

Moving . . . Slowly

We began moving into the condo yesterday. We couldn’t get the keys and sign the lease till late in the afternoon, so we loaded up our car and a rented van during the day. We took all our clothes over except what we need for the weekend, as well as toiletries. This morning I put on my skirt and realized I had taken my belt over there. I tried to get by without it, but I can’t stand having my skirt loose and sliding around, so I ended up going over there at 9:00 this morning to get my belt!

Today we took a bunch of boxes of books over. We are a book family. It’s been a week of sorting through our books, trying to get rid of some, but we still probably have too many. I got a few things put into the kitchen today, too.

This afternoon and evening were spent getting our garage sale items ready. I hate pricing! We have it all set up in the garage tonight, and we’ll begin at 8:00 tomorrow morning. Several families from our church have some things to add for themselves, so we should have a good garage sale. I think I told you that one lady was bringing over some fabric. She did. And I’m dying to buy some of it, but I don’t think Wes will allow it right now! She has some great cotton quilting pieces. And fat quarters still in their wrappers. Sigh.

We are worn out tonight! Talk to you later!

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